Monday, August 14, 2017

Articulation Lap Book Tutorial (plus freebie!)

Last school year, interactive notebooks were something brand new to my speech room! Students found them to be engaging and fun! I found them to be basically no-prep. So, of course, it was a wonderful year! haha :)

What I find the most exciting about these interactive activities is that they don't have to be confined to a notebook. They can be incorporated into crafts, as one super creative SLP has shared with me. They can be glued on to loose leaf paper and then placed into a pronged folder or glued onto construction paper to make a craft-like activity! The possibilities are endless!

Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite possibilities for these activities! You can use them to create an endless array of articulation lap books! Yep, if you already own my interactive articulation notebooks and/or articulation flip books then you're equipped to make these amazing keepsakes!
Seriously, how cute? You can grab the cover labels for FREE at my TPT store! Just click HERE.

There is definitely a trick to get these activities to fit on the file folder though! Many of the activities have to be printed at a custom scale, but no worries - it's super easy!

I'll walk you through a few different versions!
On the left flap, students will glue down the label. Those are free in my store!  On the right, you can use the pencil pouch found in the August edition! I found that most of the pouches (such as the puzzle pocket in the September edition) found throughout my year long series have to be printed at a custom scale of 75%. To do this, simply go to file and then print. In the custom scale box, change 100% to 75%.
This will allow the activity to print out smaller so that it can fit on the side flap!

The little miniature flip book on the front doesn't have to be changed at all! Just print it out as is! The mini flip books are in December (initial position), January (final position), and February (medial position).
Let's check out the inside! One possibility for the middle is to glue in an articulation flip book! Just print it as is and it will fit perfectly in the middle! There are a variety of petals found throughout the year long bundle and they will all have to be printed at a 60% custom scale if you want them to fit on the side flap. If you want them to be in the middle, then they can be bigger or printed out as is!

The flap-up books, they're found in four different editions are great for the side flaps of a lap book! They're perfect at a custom scale of 75%, but you could probably get away with 80% too.
The color, cut, and glue activities (the kangaroo above) are found in three or four editions. They work well at 70%! Last year, one of my students created flaps with these and glued her words under the picture! Kindergarteners are geniuses!
Okay, so the flipping for sentences activity and almost all the other activities have to be printed out at a custom scale of 65%. Seriously, look how little and cute they are!

RECAP: If you want activities to fit on the side flaps of a lap book - petals get printed at 60%. Flap-Up books and pouches get printed at 75%. Color/Cut/Glue activities get printed at 70%. Everything else gets printed at a custom scale of 65% (except for the mini flip books, they're good to go!).

Here's a different version!
I do recommend using a mini flip book on the front. They fit perfectly and look really cool.

So this inside looks different! If you don't have the articulation flip books - no worries! Just fill the middle portion with different activities. The initial and final sort is printed as is! It fits perfectly along the bottom or top of the middle portion! The fish bowl (it's a color/cut/glue) flap is printed at 75% and the other flap in the middle is printed at 65%.

The side flaps are just like I said above. The flap-up is printed at a custom scale of 75%, the petal is 60%, and the other activities are 65%.

Okay, so if you want your students to create a super mega lap book, then check this out! This project will take 2-4 weeks worth of sessions to complete, but students will be so proud of the outcome!
The middle portion has two layers in this lap book!
The first layer has two activities that are printed as is (no custom scale needed). The flip-tivity booklet and flipping book are both found in the May edition. If you notice at the top, there are some staples! You can use construction paper, heavy duty card stock, or a portion of another file folder to create the flap! Then lift it up to reveal even more activities or a flip book!

I'm such a dork, but I think this is really neat. :)

Okay, so at this point you're probably like... "But Scarlett, BUT how do you actually make this thing?!" Haha... No worries, I laid out the steps. Also, the pictures are kinda dark.. Sorry, it was cloudy when I snapped these photos. haha

Step One: Get a file folder.
I like to use colored ones, because they look prettier. haha.. You can absolutely use plain manila folders though. I'll share an Amazon Affiliate link for your convenience. I bought these in bulk from Amazon. Smead makes a pack of 100 that are $13.99. A steal!

Step Two: Open it up.

Okay, so you'll notice branding on the inside over. That's why I pasted a white piece of printer paper on the /f/ lap book above before glueing down the activities (or use a flip book to cover it up).  You could also have your students glue the activities on a white piece of paper first and then glue them down into the lap book. Also, if it doesn't bother you.. then just leave it as is! :)

Step Three: Fold in one side towards the middle.

Step Four: Fold in the other side towards the middle and make it fit like a jigsaw puzzle!

Voila! There you go!

So, these lap books are pretty extensive and they definitely won't be finished in a 30 minute session! haha! I would recommend having students complete one or two activities per session and slowly build upon the lap book.

I hope this tutorial was helpful! If you have any questions please leave them below or email me at!

I plan on sharing a WH Question Lap Book tutorial later this week or next week! Those will be created with activities from the Interactive Language Notebooks and WH Flip Books! I'll also make some free cover labels for those too! Stay on the look out!

P.S. If you don't already own my interactive notebooks, I recently made a super mega bundle that features both the year long bundles for articulation and language! To celebrate a new school year, it's 30% off for a limited time!
P.S.S. If you think you might be interested in creating lap books with your language students, also check out my blog post about Literature Lap Books!

Okay, one more thing.. I forgot! If you have students working on /j, z, b, d, w/ or vocalic /r/. Those activities are found in Articulation Notebooks Volume Two!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Literature Lap Books ~ The Art Lesson

My obsession with picture books continues! If you've stopped by my blog a few times, you know how much I adore children's literature! I've said it during many Wild About Books Wednesdays (which, I plan to bring back by the way!), but books are a springboard for language and they're my favorite therapy tools.

Last year, I used Literature Flip Books and Interactive Notebooks and they were both huge successes! I decided to combine these two ideas and make Literature Lap Books! I'm so excited about these new resources!

Introducing...... Literature Lap Books!
This growing bundle will feature 36 different lap books! Each lap book will feature a literature flip book and a wide variety of interactive activities that will correspond with the book! These activities are super versatile too! If you don't feel like making a lap book then just simply have students glue the activities onto construction paper or inside an interactive language notebook! I'm super excited to add these fun activities to my literacy toolbox! The price of this bundle is currently 75% off for a limited time! This price reflects its growing bundle status and the price will increase throughout the year as I add in more lap books.

So far the bundle only contains a lap book for (aff. link) The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola! This is one of my favorite stories - especially for back to school! Each month, I'll add in at least 3 new lap books!
The skills covered in these lap books will address common core standards in kindergarten through early elementary. They'll address comprehension, comparing/contrasting, sequencing, retelling, WH questions, describing, story elements, and more! Speech-language pathologists can use these in a wide variety of grade levels for students who are working on those skills. In the regular education class, these would be ideal for work on writing centers, whole group read aloud follow-up activities, listening centers, and more! One sweet teacher told me that she used my literature flip books for "treats" on Friday! How cool is that?! These lap books would make great fun Friday projects too!

Here's a peek at The Art Lesson Lap Book:
The flip book can stand alone or it can be included inside the lap book!
You can expand upon the lap book by taping or stapling a piece of construction paper over the flip book like this:
To see the flip book, just flip up the piece of construction paper!
So, how do you make a lap book? Easy. Peasy. You take a file folder and open it up completely. Then you fold each side in towards the middle. Voila! When you're done folding, it'll fit together like a little puzzle piece like this:
Students will be so proud to take these home to show parents! Interactive activities such as lap books make learning memorable and fun!

If you're interested in collecting all 36 lap books, make sure you snag the bundle! I spent all summer reading TONS of picture books (both favorites and new-to-me stories!) and I settled upon 36 books! You can find them all in the bundle's description! I selected these books carefully and I'm so excited about them!

If you're looking to stock up on file folders for the year, I recently purchased a pack of 100 multicolor file folders from Amazon! They're currently 13.99! This is an affiliate link, but I would never recommend something that I don't use myself!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful day and happy reading!

Monday, July 17, 2017

School Themed Articulation Notebooks!

Last school year, I began implementing Interactive Notebooks for speech and language! They were an absolute hit and a game changer! My students took such great pride in their notebooks and often requested to work in them! Since a new school year is quickly approaching (Eeeek!), I decided to start creating even more interactive notebook activities! Almost all of the activities found in my first collection of interactive articulation notebooks are designed to be used year around! I wanted to create some notebook activities that can be used with some of my favorite themes! So, I'm excited to introduce my newest growing bundle - Thematic Interactive Articulation Notebooks!

I decided to whip up a little blog post to share the first theme - school!
Teachers Pay Teachers increased their upload limit a few months ago, so I'll be able to squeeze in all the sounds into these packets! You'll get four activities for every sound (/k, g, f, v, p, b, t, d, s, z, r, l, th, sh, ch, j, w, h/ and r-blends, s-blends, and l-blends!).

Let's explore the four activities found in the school themed notebook!

Speech School Flap Up Book!

In this activity, students lift the flaps and read the sentences! Each page of the flap activity has two words that feature the target sound in the initial position and a corresponding sentence. For instance, "I see gum and a gorilla!" If students are not at the sentence level, then they can just practice the words they see! I always include pictures with the words for non-readers! Students will remained super engaged by coloring their school, the pictures on the flaps, cutting, and gluing!

Crayon Box Pouch!
I love interactive pouches! This one is a crayon box with 10 crayons! Students can take the crayons out at any time to practice and then simply store them in the pouch when they're finished! There are four crayons in the initial position, four crayons in the final position, and two crayons in the medial position!

Crayon Flip-Book Sort!
I love having students sort words! It's a great way to not only practice their speech sounds in various positions, but it also helps build phonemic awareness. In this activity, students glue words that feature the sound in the initial position under the initial flap and the words that feature the sound in the final position under the final flap.

Clipboard Flap-Ups! 
I think these are super cute! Students lift up the clip board and write a sentence or phrase containing the featured word! If you are working with preschoolers or other non-writers, you can simply have students draw a happy face under the clipboards after the practice the word!

I have 9 more themes planned out (pirates, farm, space, and more!) and I'm so excited about them! If you're interested, the growing bundle is currently at a special "buy-in" price of 75% off. You save $90! This deal ends on July 25th, 2017! If interested, just click HERE.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

October Speech and Language Lesson Plans!

October is my FAVORITE month for therapy and I'm so excited to share another edition of A Slice of Speech with you! A Slice of Speech is a series on my blog where I share my visual lesson plans and invite other speech bloggers to link up with their own plans too! I love peeking into other speech rooms and seeing what resources other people are using!
I'm seriously obsessed with Halloween! Pumpkins, costumes, Hocus Pocus, vampires (any Vampire Diary fans out there? haha), and candy! I just love everything about October! It's going down, for real. haha! Here's a breakdown of all the resources I'll be pulling from this month: 
I was absolutely not joking when I said I was obsessed with Halloween! haha! I'm excited to fill my speech room with Frankensteins, witches, and wizards! I've made an insane amount of Halloween articulation packets over the years, because they are so much fun to make! This year, we will be using Franken Articulation, Witch's Articulation Brew, and Halloween Gum Balls! I'll be sending sheets home for additional practice and will also be printing these off at 70% so that they will fit inside our interactive notebooks! If you can't use Halloween items at your school, my October Articulation Notebooks only contains year around activities! I also have a ton of fall themed items you could use instead! 

My stuttering students will be using October's Fluency In a Snap and pages from my A Dab series! My apraxia/phonology kids will be using Apraxia On the Go and Halloween themed apraxia printables (they'll be posted in a few days!).

I'm also hoping to squeeze in activities for fire prevention week too! If I can make it happen, I'll blog about our craft later in the month! I also picked up a Little People Fire Truck and Department for 40% off at Kohl's this week! I can't wait to take them to my speech room! 

My language groups will be using the activities found in my Halloween Language Bundle! Room on the Broom is one of my absolute favorite books, so I'll definitely be dusting off that book companion. We will also be using the Room on the Broom flip book found in October's Flipping For Literature. I have a ton of students who are working on following multistep directions, so I'll be printing my Halloween NO PREP Barrier games (at 70% to make them smaller) to add to our language notebooks!

If you're not familiar with visual lesson plans, just download them HERE and just click on each image to be taken to the resource!

What do you have planned for October? I hope you have a spook-tacular month! :)

If you would like to link up with a FB post or a blog, just use the series picture above and link up below!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by my blog!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Speech and Language Lesson Plans for September!

It's time for another Slice of Speech! Wow, August was an absolute whirlwind! How is it already September?! I have to say, August may or may not have hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly, all the kids in the world moved into my district and I'm knee deep in paperwork. I've fallen behind on all things Speech Is Sweet, but I'm happy to say that I feel like I'm on the brink of getting readjusted to balancing blogging, creating materials, and being a school SLP once again! If you didn't catch this year's first installment of A Slice of Speech, you can find it HERE. Each month this year, I want to pop in and share my monthly lesson plans with you! If you have a blog or a FB page, feel free to link up with your own lesson plans below! Just use this image to link back to me!
I know some of my friends up north are just starting back. If that's you, Happy Back to School! I've been back in the swing of things for awhile now, and I have to say.. I'm so excited that it's finally time for fall themed therapy! Here's what's going to be happening in my speech room during the month of September!
In articulation, we're going to continue improving our fine motor skills with the Fall Articulation Bundle. We love to color, cut, and glue in my room! I'll also be sending home pages from my Apple Articulation packet for homework and using the pages as play-doh smash mats in my classroom. Of course, we will continue working in our interactive articulation notebooks too! My student who stutters will be doing activities from September's Fluency In a Snap and September's A Dab of Speech and Language!

I do have quite a few students who are exhibiting final consonant deletion, so I'll be busting out lots of pages from Apraxia On the Go and my latest apraxia printables packet - it'll be completed soon! Keep an eye out, it'll be half off for the first 48 hours or check out the growing bundle that's half off!

Talk Like A Pirate Day is right around the corner! I love doing a pirate theme in September! We will be reading one of my favorite books - How I Became A Pirate by Melinda Long! I'll also whip out one of my favorite Super Duper Games, Pirate Talk! My language groups will also be working in their interactive notebooks, using bingo daubers, and creating flip books!

If you're not familiar with visual lesson plans, they're super convenient! Just download my plans HERE and click each picture to be taken to the resource! Gotta love technology. :)

What do you have planned for September? Comment below and let me know! You can also link up with your own plans!

Have a wonderful September! Fall is coming! :)


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bonus Sale, Interactive Notebooks, and Tips!

Did someone sale bonus sale?! I'm absolutely ecstatic, because I'm addicted to Teachers Pay Teachers! haha.. There's no such thing as too many materials, right?! :)
I'm linking up with my friends, The Frenzied SLPs, to share some back to school fun!

Monday (8/22/16) is a Best Year Ever Bonus Sale! Use the code: oneday to get 28% off of EVERYTHING in my store! Yep, even bundles and growing bundles!

This year, I've decided to implement interactive notebooks in speech therapy! I bought a bajillion composition notebooks from Walmart, glue bottles, and an IKEA cart to store them in (I only work with 3 grade levels so one works perfectly)! I'm really excited! I highly recommend snagging my growing bundles (Interactive Articulation Notebooks and Interactive Language Notebooks) during the sale, they'll be more than 50% off! If you don't make the sale, no worries.. I'll be extending my own sale through Wednesday (8/24) so they'll still be heavily discounted! Here are some pics:

I have a few tips regarding interactive notebooks for you!
1) Liquid Glue sticks way better than glue sticks. Drill "dot, dot, not a lot" into your students' heads. haha :)
2) I don't recommend getting notebooks with perforated sheets. When notebook shopping, stay away from those. I just have a feeling those will not hold up throughout a school year. haha
3) I decided to use composition notebooks; however, spiral notebooks will work too.
4) Keep Calm and Notebook On! :)

Make sure you check out the rest of the linky party! I don't know about you, but I'm ready to stock all the way up for my year! haha

Have a great school year!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Speech and Language Lesson Plans for August!

Summer break is over and I'm ready to jump into a brand new school year! I started attending professional development sessions last week, I've been organizing my speech room since mid-July, and I've been plugging away on some brand new materials off and on all summer! I'm ready, ya'll.  Nothing beats the excitement of a brand new school year. I'm ready to have my best year ever (I'm on year six now!).

I'm also excited to bring back my little blog series A Slice of Speech! I provided visual lesson plans on a weekly basis for awhile to share a little "slice" of my speech room. This year I decided to share my lesson plans on a monthly basis! So make sure you visit my blog on the first of every month to get some ideas for your speech room! If you have a blog or a speechie FB page, feel free to link up and share your lesson plans too! Please use the image below and link back to my blog!
I know many of my friends down south have already returned to school, so I made sure I provided resources for the first two weeks of August too! We can never have enough ideas! My students start back next week! I have a few more days of professional development, home visits, and then I'll be diving right back into speech. I can't wait! So here's what I have in store for my students:
In articulation, my students are going to create a cute banner that I'm going to use to decorate my speech room (and maybe the hallway too!). I just finished this up today and I'm super excited to have some functional decor that my students will help create! They're going to love it! We are also going to warm up our fine motor skills with some color, cut, and glue activities to prepare for our interactive notebooks!

I currently just have one student who stutters on my caseload and we will be learning about the different types of stuttering and practicing fluency shaping strategies with August's Fluency In a Snap and A Dab of Speech and Language! I can't wait to dust off those bingo daubers!

During the first week of speech, I'll be reading There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books with my kindergarteners! I'll be reading The Kissing Hand with my first and second graders and using my literature flip books! We are also going to be cracking open our new notebooks and start diving into language interactive notebooks! So excited about these!

If you're not familiar with visual lesson plans, they're so much fun! You'll just download them by clicking HERE. Then just click on each one of the resources and it'll instantly take you to where you can find it!

What do you have planned for speech and language therapy in August? I'm always looking for new resources, books, and activities! Comment below and let me know! Or link up! :)

I hope you have a wonderful school year! Make sure you click on the links below to find more visual lesson plans by other speech-language pathologists! :)