Thursday, August 16, 2018

September Literature Flip Books

In January, I started sharing all the books that are found in my Flipping for Literature series. Can you believe we're now talking about the September?! This year is going by so fast! There are so many great books you can grab off of your shelf in September, but let's talk about four of them!
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The Man Who Walked Between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein
This is truly one of the most beautiful books that I own. It's a Caldecott Medal winner that tells the story of the Twin Towers and the street performer that walked a tightrope between them. Philippe Petit watched as the towers were being constructed and one day disguised himself as a construction worker so that he could install his tightrope. I love how this book weaves together the memories of Philippe and the towers. This is a wonderful book to teach young children about the World Trade Center. You can read another blog post about it HERE.

Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes
I've blogged about Wemberly several times over the years, but I just love this book so much! Wemberly worries about everything and she's especially anxious about starting school! When she goes to school on the first day, she meets someone just like her and her worries disappear! The school year is still new in September (and just starting for some), which makes this a perfect read! This is a great book to use to talk about emotions and it's very relatable!

The Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon
Camila Cream worries about what other people will think about her. She loves lima beans, but she never eats them. Her friends hate lima beans and she wants to fit in. It's the first day of school and suddenly she's covered in stripes! This is a wonderful story about the importance of being yourself! The imagery in this story is so vivid and it's my favorite book to use to teach visualization! You can read more about that HERE.

How I Became A Pirate by Melinda Long
This is another book that I've blogged about repeatedly over the years! haha! I love pirates and this is my favorite pirate story! Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th, so this is a great book for September! Jeremy Jacob finds himself on Braid Beard's ship and learns how to become a pirate! He loves that there's nobody there to tell him what to do, except when it's bedtime. He starts to miss his family and begins to question life as a pirate. It's such a fun story and it keeps children captivated!
These literature flip books address comprehension, sequencing, story elements, and more! They're a fun way for students to dive into a book and deeper their understanding.

These flip book companions can also be found in a bundle that's 50% off! You can collet 52 flip books and 52 booklets that will make reading interactive and fun!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Enemy Pie Speech Therapy Ideas

It's been awhile since my last Wild About Books Wednesday post! It's back to school season, so I thought I would share one of my favorite books about making new friends!
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Enemy Pie by Derek Munson is such a fun book with a surprising twist! The narrator is having a marvelous summer break.... until Jeremy Ross moves into the neighborhood. Jeremy Ross is an amazing pitcher (who strikes the narrator out) and he even has a trampoline (and invited everyone to jump on it, except for the narrator). Jeremy Ross becomes enemy number one! The narrator confides in his dad, who happens to have the perfect antidote for enemies - enemy pie. The recipe is top secret and in order for it to work.... the narrator must first spend an entire day with his enemy!

It's a wonderful story about making new friends! It's perfect for the beginning of the school year or year round! There are so many language skills you can target using this book.

1. Predictions - This book is perfect for working on making predictions! The narrator's dad keeps the recipe top secret! You can work on predicting the ingredients (worms, dirt, snot, etc), its side effects, and what will happen to Jeremy Ross!

2. Social Skills - This is a wonderful book to use in social skills groups or lessons. You can discuss how to make a new friend, how to treat other people, and the importance of giving people chances.

3. Sequencing - You can talk about the steps for making a pie or sequence the events of the narrator's day with Jeremy Ross (ex. first they rode bikes....).

4. Adjectives - Enemy Pie is delicious! This book is full of descriptive words!

5. Compare/Contrast - Students can compare the different characters in the story or even compare themselves to the narrator! The narrator didn't like Jeremy Ross, but he found out that they actually had a lot in common!

6. Craft - You can work on following directions and sequencing as students make their own enemy pies! Check out the pie craft in my blog post about How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A.! You can make something very similar to go with this book!

Have you used this book in therapy? What skills did you target?

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Ocean Theme in Speech Therapy!

It's time for another edition of Theme Thursday! Today, I'll be sharing some of my favorite books and ideas for an ocean theme. Summer is quickly winding down, so I want to squeeze in a little beach fun! This is definitely one of my favorite themes!
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Let's start by talking about some fun and simple crafts! Students will love making these silly ocean creatures!
Materials Needed:
- Paper plates
- Bingo Daubers
- Scissors
- Glue
- Construction Paper
- Word Pieces (optional): You can find circle pieces in my Speech Crafts or Articulation Crafts Bundles. You can find square pieces in my Summer Articulation Bundle or in my Summer: Snip and Stick Apraxia packet.
The octopus is super simple! Just have students paint a paper plate by dabbing it with a bingo dauber! This will be a fun reinforcement activity while a student practices! They can also add in word pieces to match their specific sound or skill (ex. category word pieces, verb word pieces, etc). Then students simply glue 8 strips of paper under the plate to make the legs! Optional: Add in white circles for eyes and a rounded piece of construction paper for a smile!
The jellyfish is my favorite! Start by cutting a paper plate in half and then cover it in word pieces (or just dab him with a bingo dauber), glue strips under the plate, and cut out white circles for the eyes! These crafts require very little prep - you'll just have to gather the materials!

You can also find some NO PREP ocean crafts in the July Speech Therapy Crafts packet or in the bundle!
I also have some more fun ocean themed materials in my TPT store!

The Thematic Interactive Articulation Notebooks Bundle features an ocean themed packet! I love how it turned out! Students will love adding these activities into their notebooks! Let's peek inside:
First up, there's an "under the sea" interactive pouch! The pouch looks like the ocean and I also tried to include animals that feature the targeted sound on the pouch (to make each one unique). For instance, /k/ has a shark and /p/ has a pufferfish! Each pouch also comes with a variety of ocean animals that contain the target words too! This is one of my favorite activities!
Of course, I had to include some "flap-ups." Under each flap, students can write a phrase or sentence containing their word. If you have students that are not yet writing phrases or sentences, just have them write the word under the flap.
Scuba Speech! This activity features a boy and a girl scuba diver. Students glue a flap-up book in the middle!
Snorkeling for Sentences! Students glue the bubbles around the picture and then they'll lift up the flap to write sentences using the words. Again, younger students can just write the given words under the flap!

I also have some ocean themed articulation game boards! They can be found in the July Articulation Game Boards packet or in the bundle.

My most recent toys as tools post features an ocean theme too! Check out this post to read all about how to use The Hungry Pelican to target communication skills!

Lastly, let's dive into some of my favorite ocean themed books!

A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle
This is truly one of my favorite stories! I know I say this often, but seriously... this is definitely a top 15 picture book for me! A little hermit crab finds a new shell, but it's a little plain. As he ventures though the ocean, he invites a variety of creatures to live on his shell (a snail, starfish, etc). Throughout the year, they all become friends.... but one day, he notices that his shell is too snug and has to say goodbye. It has such a hopeful ending, as he passes on his shell and his friends to another little crab and finds himself a new shell (that's a little plain). There are sooo many language goals you can target:
1) Time Concepts
2) Ocean Vocabulary
3) Describing
4) Synonyms
5) Inferencing
..... this list can go on and on! It's such a fantastic book to use in speech-language therapy! If you can only have one ocean themed book, this is the one.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell by Lucille Colandro
You gotta love the old lady and her crazy antics! In this story, she's hanging out by the ocean! I love the repetitive nature of this book - it's great for students who have trouble with comprehension. You can use this book to target:
1) Sequencing
2) Absurdities
3) Why questions

I also made a book companion for this a few years ago! You can find it here.

Gilbert the Great by Jane Clarke
Gilbert is a friendly great white shark! His best friend is a remora named Raymond. When Raymond's family moves away, Gilbert is crushed. He's sad and lonely until he meets a new remora named Rita! Rita's also sad, because she recently moved and doesn't have any friends. This is such a cute story about friendship and dealing with sadness. You can use this book to target:
1) Emotions
2) Social Skills
3) Articulation - /r/, /g/, /r/ blends

Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale
Clark is a super energetic shark! He's rambunctious, loud, and he likes to play rough. Does he sound familiar? I think we all have some Clarks in our classrooms. :) He has a very patient teacher who reminds him to "stay cool." Clark loves school! This is such a great book to target:
1) Social Skills
2) Articulation - /l/ blends and /sh/
3) WH Questions

I also have a flip book companion for Clark in July's Flipping for Literature packet! And if you're interested in more shark books, check out this round-up!

Down to Sea with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen
I love Mr. Magee! One of my favorite book companions is for A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee! In this book, Mr. Magee and Dee (his dog) go to the sea! Of course, they find themselves in some trouble! haha! This book is great to work on:
1) Rhyming
2) Comparing/Contrasting - There are so many similarities to A Camping Spree! Students will love comparing/contrasting Mr. Magee and Dee's adventures!
3) Sequencing

What are your favorite ocean themed books? There are so many good ones out there!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

August Literature Flip Books

It's time to kick off a new school year, friends! I love integrating literature into therapy - books truly are a treasure trove of language! Let's talk about some great back to school books - I've been rounding up the books featured in my Flipping for Literature series so let's hop into the August edition!
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There are so many great back to school books! 

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
This is a classic and one of my favorite books to read in the speech room! Chester Raccoon is nervous about starting school and his mother teaches him about the kissing hand. It's darling! It's a great book to work on making text-to-self connections, because many students can relate to Chester! Students can also compare their school with Chester's school! You can also have a great discussion about nocturnal animals! 

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes
Another classic back to school read! I just love Chrysanthemum! She loves her name.... until she starts school and other students start to pick on her. It's a wonderful story about loving yourself and appreciating differences! This is a great story to practice using adjectives and descriptive language - Chrysanthemum parents tell her that she's precious, fascinating, and winsome! 

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt
Duncan's crayons are fed-up! They feel used and under appreciated so they decide to quit! They send Duncan a series of letters filled with grievances - this book is seriously witty! If you're a classroom teacher this is a fun book to incorporate into a letter writing unit! The author truly brings each crayon to life and your students will love their personalities! 

I found some finger puppets to accompany the book! They're great for retelling and reenactments! This book is great for back to school or year round!

This book is a great way to set the tone for a new school year and to teach kids to be "bucket fillers" and not "bucket dippers." You can use this book to tackle figurative language and social skills!

Grab some dollar spot buckets and create an interactive activity! Students can write down examples of bucket fillers and bucket dippers on scraps of paper and sort them!

Howay for Wodney Wat by Helen Lester
This story touches my SLP soul! Every speech-language pathologist needs a copy! It's about a little rat with an articulation problem - he can't say /r/! Articulation students ADORE this story! Rodney is teased by the school bully - Camilla Capybara. He outsmarts her in a game of simon says and becomes a hero! Oooh, it's such a precious story! It's a great way to teach about kindness and accepting others. Use this book to target social skills, articulation, comparing/contrasting, and more!
These literature flip books address a variety of skills - story elements, comparing/contrasting, comprehension, writing, sequencing, and more!

These flip book companions can also be found in a bundle that's 50% off! You can collect 52 flip books and 52 booklets that will make reading engaging and fun!
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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Toys as Tools: The Hungry Pelican

Hey there! I hope you're having a wonderful summer! I'm stopping in today for a new edition of toys as tools! This year, I started a blog series all about how to use toys to enhance speech and language skills. Toys are such powerful tools! They're motivating, engaging, and fun!
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Today's toy is in honor of summer! The Hungry Pelican is a delightful and interactive toy. He comes with a variety of plush ocean animals - a crab, octopus, fish, and a shrimp. You can open up his bill and feed him! His tummy is open, so you can easily retrieve whatever goes inside!

First, students love to "feed" things! Back in the day, my supervisor had a tiny garbage can that students would "feed." haha... Seriously, kids love it! This is truly a fun toy, because you can pretty much feed the pelican anything! There are so many communication skills you can address with this toy!

1) Vocabulary - Students can learn various ocean animals (crab, shrimp, octopus, etc). Since it's a field of four, you can easily access if a student can differentiate between a crab and a fish! You can also feed the pelican other things that relate to vocabulary too - such as toy foods or flash cards! For instance, if a student can name a synonym they can feed the flash card to the pelican!

2) Prepositions - You can work on inside/outside. For example, the crab is inside the pelican and the octopus is outside the pelican. You can also practice placing the pelican's friends (or snacks haha!) next to him, behind him, in front of him, etc!
3) Directions - This is such a fun toy to practice multistep directions. For example: Before you feed the pelican the crab, give me the fish.

4) Articulation - This is a fun toy for reinforcement! Students can practice a word and then feed the pelican their flash card or object!

5) Requesting - Students can work on requesting which animal or object they would like to feed the pelican. This is also a great toy to work on "more." The pelican wants more food.

6) Opposites - You can work on open/close. Have students open his bill and then close his bill. Hungry/full or full/empty... when his tummy is empty he's hungry and when it's full... well, he's full. lol. You can also talk about big/little. The pelican is big, but the crab is little.

7) Verbs - Students can make the pelican eat or fly. They can make the crab crawl, the fish swim, etc. This is a fun toy for kids to work on actions!
8)  Describing - You can place a variety of objects on the table for students to describe. After they describe the object, they can feed the pelican.  You can also make this more simple and work on two-word phrases with an adjective (ex. "hungry pelican," "red crab," "little fish," etc). You can also play a headband-esque game. Turn the pelican around and one student describes what's in the pelican's belly and the other tries to figure it out!

9) Compare/Contrast - Students can compare/contrast all of the ocean animals! They can also compare themselves to the pelican. For instance, "the pelican is a bird and I'm a human... but we both like fish!" I know I have something in common with the pelican.... we're both always hungry! haha

10) WH Questions - You can place the pelican around the room and ask where he is. You can also work on what questions, why questions (ex. why did the pelican eat the crab?), etc.

Do you have a Hungry Pelican? How do you use him in speech-language therapy?

Thank you for stopping by! I have more Toys as Tools posts coming your way! Have a great day!

Friday, July 6, 2018

June Literature Flip Books

I love literacy-based therapy! Stories truly bring therapy to life. I've created tons of book companions over the years and my literature flip books series is my favorite!

I know it's July, but I decided to go ahead and share the books that are featured in June! These books can truly be used all year long. I've read Edward the Emu in December one year! Sometimes, you just gotta grab the closet book available. haha!
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June's Flipping for Literature packet contains some of my all-time favorite books! 

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
This is hands-down my favorite book! A little mouse walks through the forest and tricks all of his predators! He makes up a fictional monster to scare them away..... except the Gruffalo is actually real!  The story takes a marvelous turn and the mouse has to use his wits to escape! This book is perfect for retelling and sequencing, inferencing, and so so much more! If you snag this book for your therapy room, also pick up The Gruffalo's Child. It's precious! 
Edward the Emu by Sheena Knowles 
This is also one of my all-time favorite books! Edward is super bored! Nobody visits his exhibit at the zoo. He would much prefer to be a seal or a lion! He escapes his enclosure and stops by a variety of exhibits. He loves pretending to be other animals..... but ultimately, he realizes that he'd rather be himself. It has a beautiful message! This book is also wonderful for sequencing and retelling! There is also a fun sequel called Edwina the Emu
I love this book so much that I even made a traditional book companion for it too! You can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store
A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen
This is a must-have for a camping theme! It's hands-down the best camping book I've read. It's funny, witty, and downright enjoyable. It's great for working on rhyming, WH questions, and more! Somehow, someway.. I managed to lose my sample of this flip book. I'm sorry... It's summer and I can't even remember what day of the week it is. haha! #summerbrain 

I also made a traditional book companion for this book too! What can I say... when I love a book, I can't get enough activities for it! haha 
Smiley Shark by Ruth Galloway
If you've been reading my blog lately, you know I featured this book in my Shark Book Round-Up! Smiley Shark is such a precious story! He's friendly and loves to smile, but he's completely misunderstood! When the other fish see him smile, they swim away in terror. haha! He starts to get lonely and is heartbroken when he finds out the other fish are afraid of him. One day, the other creatures get stuck in a net and Smiley Shark saves the day! 
This book has a sequel too! It's called Smiley Shark and the Great Big Hiccup (I think it's still available from The Scholastic Teacher Store)! 

Do you have any favorite books that you love to use in June or July? Leave a comment and let me know! I'd love to hear from you. 

These flip book companions can also be found in a year long bundle that's 50% off! It features 52 flip books and 52 booklets! These will make reading interactive and fun! 
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day! 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fish Theme in Speech Therapy

It's Theme Thursday! There are so many fun toys and books about fish! I had to round up some fish themed materials to share with you! This theme can truly be used year round, but it's especially fun in the spring and summer!
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First up, let's talk about some fun fish themed toys! I love using toys during therapy, because they're so motivating. Toys are the tools of children and they truly bring therapy to life! 

I found this cute felt fishbowl at the Target Dollar Spot!
This is such a simple and cheap toy! There are so many ways you can incorporate this into therapy!

1. Flip the fish upside down and have a student select a fish. Whatever number is on the fish is the number of times they have to practice their word or the number of sentences they have to make containing their word! When they're finished, they get to put the fish in the bowl! 
2. Students can take turns describing the fish. If their partner can identify the correct fish they get to keep it! Whoever collects the most fish wins! 
3. You can talk about basic concepts (big fish vs. little fish, inside/outside, in/out, etc) 

I also found an amazing toy at Aldi for only 10 bucks! It's called the Color Fun Fishbowl by Learning Resources! I've also seen them at Cracker Barrel. Random, I know! haha!
There are so many language goals you can tackle with this cute fishbowl! 

1. Describing - blue fish, orange fish, etc 
2. Color Vocabulary 
3. Counting and Quantitative Concepts 
4. Articulation - /f/ or /sh/ sound 
5. Prepositions - inside, outside, next to, over, under, etc 
6. Requesting 
7. WH Questions - Where is the blue fish? 

How would you use these fishbowl toys in therapy?! I also found some other cute fishbowl toys on Amazon: My First Fishbowl, Fischer Price Fishbowl, One Fish Two Fish Fishbowl

I made an articulation fishbowl packet! You can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Inside each fish bowl is a character that represents the sound! For instance, for /p/ there is a pufferfish inside the bowl and for medial /j/ there is an angelfish!
There are 11 target words on each page. It addresses early and later sounds in the initial, medial, and final position! It also addresses /s/ blends, /r/ blends, and /l/ blends! There are multiple pages for everyone on your articulation caseload! 

This packet also pairs well with the Target felt fishbowl!
The June Articulation Game Boards feature some fishing themed games!
Lastly, let's talk about one of my favorite things - books!

The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School by Deborah Diesen
You gotta love the Pout-Pout Fish! The original book is seriously the cutest and this sequel is perfect for back to school or year round. It follows a repetitive pattern, which is perfect for language therapy. Pout-Pout goes to school for the first time and he gets very discouraged. He has trouble writing, drawing, and doing math. He is about to give up until he meets his teacher and finds all of the other new fish. You can use this book to address:
1. Growth Mindset - It's so important to instill a growth mindset into our students. This truly is a precious book with a wonderful message!
2. Rhyming
3. Predictions

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
This classic is a must-have! Rainbow Fish is beautiful and everyone admires his sparkly scales... but he doesn't want to share them. He becomes lonely and a wise old octopus tells him he will only become happy when he gives his scales away. You can use this book to address:
1. Social Skills
2. Problem/Solution
3. Sequencing

You can also make a fun craft companion! You just need bingo daubers or word pieces (found in my no prep articulation crafts bundle or speech therapy crafts bundle), glue, paper plates, and aluminum foil.
You can create an eye with a white circle and black marker or you can use googly eye stickers!

The Copycat Fish by Marcus Pfister
This is an adorable Rainbow Fish book that I found at Goodwill years ago! A little fish in Rainbow's class just adores him and copies everything that he does. This irks Rainbow and he's not very nice to the little fish. By the end of the story, he realizes that the little fish just looks up to him and they become friends! You can use this book to address:
1. Social Skills - Explain why it's important to be ourselves and not copy others. Also, you can talk about how to make new friends.
2. Sequencing
3. Character Development - Rainbow Fish changes throughout the story. He becomes more understanding!

*It looks like The Copycat Fish may be out of print. Keep your eye open at yard sales or Goodwill!

Swimmy by Leo Lionni
I love this classic story! It's so sweet! Swimmy is the fastest fish in his school. One day, a big fish comes and swallows everyone except for him. He is sad and lonely. As he travels across the ocean, he meets tons of marvelous creatures and his happiness returns. He eventually meets another school just like his own, but they're scared to venture out into the ocean! He teaches them how to swim together like a giant fish so they can be safe! It's such an endearing story. A true must-have.
1. Problem/Solution
2. Ocean Vocabulary - Swimmy meets a jellyfish, lobster, etc
3. Describing

Fidgety Fish by Ruth Galloway
Tiddler is a fidgety fish! He has so much energy (just like many students)! haha! His mom sends him outside so that he can play and get his wiggles out, but she warns him of the Big Fish. He darts all over the ocean and lo and behold... he ends up in the Big Fish's belly! His extra energy saves the day though. He wiggles so much that he gives the Big Fish a bellyache and he burps him back out. haha... It's very silly and cute. You can address:
1. Adjectives - fidgety, big, wiggly, etc
2. Verbs - Tiddler flips, dives, swims, fidgets, etc
3. Problem/Solution
Do you have any favorite fish reads?! Leave a comment and let me know! I'm always looking to add to my picture book collection. :)

Thank you for stopping by! Next week, I'll talk about a related them - the ocean! Have a great day!