Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Articulation: Color, Cut, and Glue!

Roses are red, violets are blue.... My students love to color, cut, and glue!

Color, cut, and glue activities are a staple in my speech therapy room. I love them so much that my second post ever was all about them! You can check that post out here.

Honestly, they are one of the most efficient activities that I have found for articulation therapy. These activities ensure that each student produces 100+ repetitions (and even 200+!), which can be quite a feat when group size is at capacity! Students do not anxiously await their turn - which is what I find when we play games. They are actively engaged while others participate in repetitive drills. And most of all, these activities require very little instruction. The directions are so clear... so there's less therapy time taken with directions, expectations, etc.

I've used a variety of ready made resources (ex. Super Duper Fun Sheets) and I often mix and max materials.... but my problem is many of the ready made resources have horrible word choices! If a student is working on /p/, chances are they are not going to be able to say ketchup and envelope! Seriously?! haha... Fun Sheets, I still love you, but it's time for me to make my own materials. ;)

Yes, I decided to make my own color, cut, and glue activities! I'm not going to lie, this was quite the endeavor. But it was worth every minute... err hour! I am so PLEASED with the results. These are perfect for my students and I know I'll be using them for years to come.

Soooo.. without further ado. I present:
You can find this item in my TPT store, here! What's even better? Many teachers are throwing a Spring Cleaning Sale and I'm participating! This item will be 20% off until March 31st! And this bad boy contains 108 pages of NO PREP activities!

Here are some examples of the activities:

Here are some samples of the completed activities:
I hope you find these activities useful! I already have them printed and ready to go! My spring break starts today and it's so good knowing that I will be returning with some of my articulation groups planned and prepped! 

Stop by my store this weekend for the Spring Cleaning Sale! 20% off this item and more :)

Oh.. and be on the lookout for the later developing sounds packet in the near future!


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