Friday, April 4, 2014

If You Give a Dog a Freebie

Hello, there! This Friday I am linking up with Speechie Freebies to celebrate FreeBEE Friday! The best things in life are free, right?

This school year, I am working with English Language Learners for the first time. They are delayed in both their first language, as well as, their second language. I've recently been working on creating materials that support their native language - Spanish. Unfortunately, I stopped taking Spanish after SPA 201 in college. Man, oh man, I really regret that! Needless to say, learning Spanish has moved up my bucket list!

If you have visited my blog in the past you know I'm a HUGE fan of literature-based language interventions. If you're a new visitor, please check out my Wild About Books Wednesday posts! In a previous post I discussed Laura Numeroff's If You Give a Dog a Donut. To support my language delayed ELL students, I made a little Spanish vocabulary companion to go along with this book.

Before reading the book students can play this quick game to prepare them for the upcoming vocabulary. Simply flip all the cards over and have students hunt for matches. This freebie can be found on my google drive here.
Recently, I also attended a presentation entitled, "Assessment and Treatment of Non-English Speaking Children with Communication Needs" by Ruben Diaz at the Kentucky Speech and Hearing Convention. His handout can be found here. Ideally, children should receive bilingual language therapy to support their native language and the acquisition of their second language. In the schools, resources can be limited... but we have to find a way to incorporate their native language in as many ways as we can!

I hope that this freebie will prove useful! Do any of you work with ELL children with communication needs? Please leave a comment with any advice or resources! This is definitely an area I'm always trying to improve.

Have a great weekend!

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