Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Introducing.. Wild About Books Wednesday Linky Party!

Recently, Kim at The School SLP, suggested that I should turn my Wild About Books Wednesday column into a linky party. I thought that was a wonderful idea! I started my blog to not only share ideas, but also in hopes that I would learn from others! Books are my favorite therapy tools and I would love to see what other therapists are doing with literature too. So please join this wild romp!
The rules are very simple! Just use the above picture and link up with a post that explains how to use a specific book in therapy.

This week.. The bats are baaaaack!
These cute and nocturnal creatures have left the beach and landed in a library, of all places! This book companion is designed to go along with Brain Lies' Bats at the Library. It contains six different activities and can be found here.

First up, there is a rhyming memory game. Flip all the cards over on a table and have students hunt for rhyming matches. All of the rhymes are taken from the book. I have quite a few students with phonological awareness goals this school year and this book is perfect for rhyming.
I also created another phonological awareness activity - Batty Phoneme Deletion! Students draw a card and must delete the first phoneme in a word to create a whole new word.
Phonological awareness is critical for literacy. As a primary speech-language pathologist, it is a skill I'm always thinking about. I want to strengthen all of my students' foundation for literacy. "Without specific phonological awareness intervention, phoneme awareness deficits are likely to persist and negatively impact reading and spelling development, despite other types of speech-language pathology intervention" - Gail Gillon, Phonological Awareness: From Research to Practice. I read Gillon's book in graduate school and I highly recommend it. Yes, I was the student who bought the suggested reading titles. haha

The next activity I designed targets receptive language. It's called "What am I Reading?" The student draws a card and the SLP reads the riddle. If student provides the vocabulary word that is being described they get to keep the card. Student with the most cards wins! But.... watch out for the bookworm!
This book companion also contains 18 comprehension cards! These cards can be used in conjunction with any other activity or game.
Batty Bingo! Rhyming is such a standout feature of this book... I needed to create more than one activity to address it! Three different bingo boards are included. Just read the bingo prompts and students must find a word that rhymes with it on their board. Sorry, bingo chips not included!
The librarian says..... this cute card game addresses temporal directions. Students draw a card and must follow the direction. If they are correct they get to keep the card. If a student finds a librarian they get to take an extra turn! Student with the most cards wins!
Next time you're in the library.. check out this delightful book!

Don't forget to stop by each Wednesday for new book ideas! If you're a blogger, I also hope that you join in on the fun! Link up below!

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