Friday, May 2, 2014

What's in your cart? Linky Party

Yay! It's time for another major sale at Teachers Pay Teachers! This sale only happens a few times a year and I'm definitely going to take advantage. I'm linking up with Jenna at Speech Room News for her What's in your Cart? Linky Party to discuss what I plan on buying!
First, I want to share a recent product that I made that I think will be useful for all speech therapists! It's my Summer Color, Cut, and Glue Articulation Activities: S-Blends Edition! It's bursting with 105 pages of NO PREP activities. If you're like me then you can never have enough resources for /s/ blends. These activities will also be perfect to send home for summer break! Also... at nearly 30% off, this will be a steal!
You can find this packet here. If you stop by my store, Speech is Sweet, please follow for updates and freebies!

Okay, so here's a confession: I have nearly 100 products on my wishlist! haha.. What can I say? I've been doing a lot of window shopping on TPT!

Here are some things that I will be buying:

Common Core Standards for ELA IEP Goals
This bad boy has been on my wishlist for quite some time. I can't believe I haven't bought it yet! I've read through the feedback and it looks like an amazing resource. This document organizes common core standards for the speech-language pathologist and it also contains sample IEP goals that are aligned with the common core. What a time saver!

QR Codes for Irregular Past Tense
I was looking for new and fresh ways to incorporate technology and then I stumbled upon this packet! I've never used QR Codes in therapy and I'm excited to try something new. I have quite a few students who are working on irregular past tense so this is perfect for my first QR Codes activity!

Dragons Love Tacos: Speech and Language Book Companion
My favorite products on TPT are book companions. I just love using books as a springboard to address a variety of goals! If you've visited my blog before then you know that books are my favorite therapy tools! I didn't even know about Dragons Love Tacos until The School SLP joined my Wild About Books Linky Party to talk about this book. I knew immediately that I needed to buy it for my speech room. I love dragons and I most certainly love tacos!

Have fun shopping! Also, please stop by Speech Room News to see what other SLPs are buying! The sale is May 6th and 7th.


  1. I love Dragons Love Tacos! It is a great book! There are quite a few book companions at tpt for it! I would check them all out.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I'll do a TPT search :)... Since it's a sale, I may go crazy and buy two haha

  2. Thanks for linking up Scarlett!

  3. I was torn between Dragons Love Tacos & I Need My Monster!

  4. Thanks for featuring me! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

    1. You're welcome! I know I'll love it - it's so cute!