Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's in your cart? Linky Party (Back to School 2014)

It's back to school season and that means... Teachers Pay Teachers is having a MAJOR sale! I get so excited for these sales, because they only happen a few times a year! Also, I love shopping for new therapy materials! This sale will occur on August 4th and 5th. Everything in my store will be 28% off when you use the TPT code: BTS14. I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for her awesome linky party to talk about what I plan on buying!
First, I want to share a couple NO PREP materials I made in anticipation for the first month of school! I'm going to be so busy, so I wanted to create items that require very little time to prepare! I just want to print n' go! These materials are going to save me (and hopefully you too!) priceless planning time in August/September.

This Back To Speech: NO PREP Activities packet is perfect for the first month of school. It addresses articulation, fluency, receptive/expressive language, social skills, reinforcer sheets, and welcome back activities! Please check it out by clicking HERE.
I also want to share the greatest value in my store! My Summer Articulation Bundle! This packet contains 514 print n' go activities for early developing sounds, later developing sounds, /s/ blends, /l/ blends, and /r/ blends. It's already discounted at more than 15% off and will be an additional 28% off during the sale. An absolute STEAL! Check it out in my store by clicking HERE. School is starting back, but summer isn't over!
Recently, I also added the first installment into my new NO PREP grammar line - Snip and Stick! This bad boy contains 50 print n' go activities that can be used by teachers and speech pathologists. Check out Summer Grammar: Snip and Stick by clicking HERE.
Please follow my store while you are visiting! I create new materials and freebies on a regular basis. :) 

Now what am I buying? Man.. My wishlist is embarrassingly long! But I am continuing my NO PREP theme:

Color-A-Deck: Articulation Playing Cards for /s/ blends, /s, sh, ch/. 
I found this on pinterest and immediately knew it was perfect for my speech room! Students color and cut out their playing cards while they wait for their turn. When they are finished they get to take their deck home for extra practice. I can definitely see this lasting a couple therapy sessions too! Ingenious idea! Thanks, Courtney Gregg! #timesaver

Itty-Bitty Articulation Books
School House Talk has the cutest line of Itty-Bitty Books. I have to have them for my itty bitty students!

Articulation Word Search Bundle
Yes, another articulation resource! I just can't resist this product. It looks so cute and perfect for homework.

The Day The Crayons Quit: Book Companion
I read a lot about this book over the summer on Book Talk Tuesday - I need this companion!

Have fun shopping! I am going to head back over to the linky party, because I need to find some great language materials and more book companions! Articulation products currently have my shopping cart on lock down!! haha

No blog? Leave a comment with a material on your wishlist! TPT is so big, it's very easy for me to miss great products.

Thanks for visiting! Have fun shopping! :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How I Became A Pirate!

Ahoy, matey! Welcome to Wild About Books Wednesday! If you're new to my blog each Wednesday I highlight a specific book and discuss how it can be used in speech/language therapy! Books make the best therapy tools and I love sharing my ideas! On Wednesday, you'll find book companions, ideas, and freebies on the blog! I also love learning about new books - so if you're a blogger please consider linking up with your own post about books (please use the picture at the end of the post to link up)! No blog? No problem! Just leave a comment on this post and share your book ideas!

This week, we will be sailing the seven seas! I'm excited to share my latest book companion! It can be used alongside Melinda Long's How I Became A Pirate.
How I Became A Pirate: Book Companion can be found in my TPT store by clicking HERE.

The cool thing about this book companion is that you can toss the comprehension cards and story map aside and use the rest of the cards to accompany a pirate theme in your room! It's very versatile!

Let's sail into the contents!

Comprehension: There are 18 comprehension cards that assess multiple levels of comprehension that can be used with any reinforcing activity. There are also 6 special cards if you would like to play as a card game!
Story Map: Students can use these visual cues to aid in story retelling or sequencing.
Pronouns: These cute cards address he, she, they, and it. Students simply draw a card and fill in the blank with the correct pronoun. This card game is a fun way to get in many guided repetitions! It includes 24 pronoun cards and 6 special cards.
Ahoy, Temporal Directions: These pirate themed cards contain before and after directions. Student draws a card and follows the direction. If they are correct, they get to keep the card. Student with the most cards wins! But watch out for fleas!
Riddle Me Timbers: This card game contains riddles to practice receptive vocabulary skills! They are all inspired by the book. Student draws a card and SLP reads the riddle. If student solves the riddle, they get to keep the card! If they have to walk the plank, they lose all their cards! Student with the most cards wins! These cards feature cannons, skulls, treasure, and swords... just as any pirate game should!
NO PREP Activities: This companion also includes three no prep articulation activities that address initial, medial, and final /r/. Arrrrgh, articulation! In addition, there are no prep activities that address pronouns, plurals, and categories. Check 'em  out:
Did you know Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th?! I plan on having a pirate theme that week in my speech room. My students are going to love this book! I haven't read it aloud since I was an undergrad. I worked in a preschool in the afternoons and the children there requested this book almost weekly! I'm excited to put it back in the rotation.

Have you used this book? Or excited to give it a try this upcoming year? 

Also, please consider linking up! I've been learning about so many books this summer! Thank you!
Have a wonderful day, matey!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back To Speech!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news....but school is starting soon!! Eeeek! I haven't even made my official back-to-school to-do list yet (trust me, it's going to be a doozie). I know I'm going to be beyond busy the first month of school! I invested the time now into make some NO PREP activities for the beginning of the school year! I spent countless hours to save time for years to come! Hopefully, I have saved you some time too!
My latest project can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE. Please be sure to follow my store, as I have another major NO PREP project in the works! Seriously, I have fallen in love with black and white materials! :)

This Back To Speech packet covers almost all major areas of communication! Let's dive in:

Back to Speech: Welcome back materials include speech surveys to get to know your students, speech room information sheets, summer reflection page, speech goals worksheet, and a 6 page back to speech booklet. These activities serve to reacquaint yourself with old students and get to know new students! These will also ease your students back into speech/language therapy.
Articulation: These school-themed sheets are perfect for the first month of school! I included the sounds I see the most frequently on my caseload, /s, r, l, th, sh, ch, k/ and consonant blends. There are also five reinforcer (three dot-to-dots and two roll and covers) sheets that are perfect to accompany repetitive drills.
Fluency: Start the school year off right with a 6 page booklet all about fluency. The booklet addresses speech helpers (tongue, larynx, brain, etc), types of stuttering, famous people who stutter, fun facts and more. You can focus on one page per session, use it as a review, or as an assessment tool at the end of a unit. There is also a school-themed "easy onset/start" sheet, as well as, a paper about the emotions associated with stuttering.  
Language: This packet contains almost twenty pages dedicated to receptive and expressive language! It covers WH ?s, categories, following directions, prepositions, categories, plurals, irregular plurals, pronouns, synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, and describing. I know my students are going to love these interactive activities!
Social Skills: Topic maintenance and emotions are also addressed with this packet!
Professional development begins in my district the week of August 11th! Yikes! Students return on August 20th. Wow, this summer has gone by so fast! When does your school start?

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' - it's my favorite way to keep up with all of the awesome blogs!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Five For Friday! (July 25th)

Today I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly linky party, Five For Friday! The weeks are going by so quickly.. eeek!
I've shared a bunch of FREEBIES this week on the blog! I made three sheets to use with Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and a cute little freebie to use with Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash. Here's a peek:
Just click HERE and HERE to find these blog-exclusive freebies.
I've been having TONS of fun in my Erin Condren Life Planner. Washi tape, all day, everyday! My boyfriend makes fun of me, because I spent more money on planner supplies than the actual planner. Ooops. #SorryNotSorry
Thinking about taking the plunge? You won't regret it! You can use my referral link to save $10. Just click HERE.
Super excited about my latest project! My little primary students are going to love coloring by pronouns!
You can find Color By Pronouns in my TPT Store by clicking HERE. Check out Monday's post to read all about it! As a speech-language pathologist I LOOOOOVVE grammar, so I wanted to create something new and fun! I hope to one day expand to include "Color By Plurals" and other grammar skills, but first I want to see how much my students enjoy this.
So Friday Night Lights is old news.. I'm on to a new show.
Olivia Pope is awesome! It's nowhere near as good as House of Cards though.. Hi, my name is Scarlett. I'm addicted to Netflix.
It's near the end of summer break and I finally made it to the pool. Another summer without a proper tan, but on the bright side I don't have any crow's feet. haha
More pool days to come! It was so peaceful.

Have a fantastic weekend. Thanks for visiting.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash (Plus Freebie!)

Welcome back to Wild About Books Wednesday! If you're new around here, every Wednesday I discuss how to use a specific book in speech/language therapy. If you're a blogger - I'd love if you would join in! Just use the picture below to link back to me.
*This post contains Amazon Affiliate links*
It's been a gloomy day here in Cincinnati... All I can think about is sunshine! And sunny days remind me of one of my favorite wash ladies - Mrs. McNosh!
Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash by Sarah Weeks is an absolute hoot! Every Monday morning, Mrs. Nelly McNosh does her favorite chore - laundry! She wakes up at dawn and washes her dresses, socks, skirts, nightgowns, and eventually everything within her reach. She may or may not love laundry a WHOLE bunch!
The entire book is written in silly rhymes. Children always bust out in giggles when Mrs. McNosh starts hanging up unexpected items. I crack up too!
Mrs. McNosh is the perfect book for speech-language therapy! There are so many fun things to do with this book. Here are some skills you can address:

1) Rhyming - This is a perfect book to work on rhyme discrimination with little ones!
2) /sh/ - Mrs. McNosh makes the /sh/ sound so much fun! You can create a mini clothesline in your speech room and have students hang up words that contain /sh/.
3) Vocabulary - review clothing words, work with categories, and so much more!
4) What doesn't belong - Mrs. McNosh hangs up many things that do NOT belong on a clothesline.. this can spark a fun conversation about things that don't belong
5) Sequencing - This book is a hoot for sequencing. She hangs up her wash, hangs up crazy items, then last she hangs up herself in a comfortable chair!

I was browsing Michael's around Easter and saw the cutest set of clothespins! I found some similar clothespins on Amazon! They immediately reminded me of Mrs. McNosh and I had to buy them! There are so many clothesline activities you can create to go along with this book! Students can hang up rhyming words, /sh/ words, categorize, and sequence events! Seriously, I cannot wait until I can create a cute little clothesline in my speech room for my students! Last year I didn't have time to use this book - so many books, so little time! It's definitely going to make a comeback this year though.
Of course, I had to make a freebie for ya'll! I'm on a freebie roll lately haha... My hopes are to continue to provide freebies on Wild About Books Wednesday when I don't have a cool book companion to share! So please be sure to follow me on bloglovin' and Facebook so you never miss a post.... or more importantly a blog-exclusive freebie!

This is a cute worksheet inspired by dear ol' McNosh!
Just click HERE to download. Clip Art Credits: Creative Clips and Melonheadz

Thanks for visiting - I hope you visit again soon! In the meantime, I'm hanging up the blog for today! lol

UPDATE: 9/12/14
 I had to link up with Speechie Freebies to share this cute freebie I made over the summer! Mrs. McNosh is awesome! Enjoy the freebie and make sure you go back to the linky to scoop up all the other great freebies offered this week! 

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