Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back To Speech!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news....but school is starting soon!! Eeeek! I haven't even made my official back-to-school to-do list yet (trust me, it's going to be a doozie). I know I'm going to be beyond busy the first month of school! I invested the time now into make some NO PREP activities for the beginning of the school year! I spent countless hours to save time for years to come! Hopefully, I have saved you some time too!
My latest project can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE. Please be sure to follow my store, as I have another major NO PREP project in the works! Seriously, I have fallen in love with black and white materials! :)

This Back To Speech packet covers almost all major areas of communication! Let's dive in:

Back to Speech: Welcome back materials include speech surveys to get to know your students, speech room information sheets, summer reflection page, speech goals worksheet, and a 6 page back to speech booklet. These activities serve to reacquaint yourself with old students and get to know new students! These will also ease your students back into speech/language therapy.
Articulation: These school-themed sheets are perfect for the first month of school! I included the sounds I see the most frequently on my caseload, /s, r, l, th, sh, ch, k/ and consonant blends. There are also five reinforcer (three dot-to-dots and two roll and covers) sheets that are perfect to accompany repetitive drills.
Fluency: Start the school year off right with a 6 page booklet all about fluency. The booklet addresses speech helpers (tongue, larynx, brain, etc), types of stuttering, famous people who stutter, fun facts and more. You can focus on one page per session, use it as a review, or as an assessment tool at the end of a unit. There is also a school-themed "easy onset/start" sheet, as well as, a paper about the emotions associated with stuttering.  
Language: This packet contains almost twenty pages dedicated to receptive and expressive language! It covers WH ?s, categories, following directions, prepositions, categories, plurals, irregular plurals, pronouns, synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, and describing. I know my students are going to love these interactive activities!
Social Skills: Topic maintenance and emotions are also addressed with this packet!
Professional development begins in my district the week of August 11th! Yikes! Students return on August 20th. Wow, this summer has gone by so fast! When does your school start?

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' - it's my favorite way to keep up with all of the awesome blogs!

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  1. This packet looks great! You always have such wonderful products! Have a great beginning to your school year!

  2. Great back to school packet! One of my campuses starts on Aug 19th due to a delay in construction and all of my other campuses start on Aug. 5th.

    1. Thanks! Wow, that is sooo soon! Good luck with your new school year. :)