Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How I Became A Pirate!

Ahoy, matey! Welcome to Wild About Books Wednesday! If you're new to my blog each Wednesday I highlight a specific book and discuss how it can be used in speech/language therapy! Books make the best therapy tools and I love sharing my ideas! On Wednesday, you'll find book companions, ideas, and freebies on the blog! I also love learning about new books - so if you're a blogger please consider linking up with your own post about books (please use the picture at the end of the post to link up)! No blog? No problem! Just leave a comment on this post and share your book ideas!

This week, we will be sailing the seven seas! I'm excited to share my latest book companion! It can be used alongside Melinda Long's How I Became A Pirate.
How I Became A Pirate: Book Companion can be found in my TPT store by clicking HERE.

The cool thing about this book companion is that you can toss the comprehension cards and story map aside and use the rest of the cards to accompany a pirate theme in your room! It's very versatile!

Let's sail into the contents!

Comprehension: There are 18 comprehension cards that assess multiple levels of comprehension that can be used with any reinforcing activity. There are also 6 special cards if you would like to play as a card game!
Story Map: Students can use these visual cues to aid in story retelling or sequencing.
Pronouns: These cute cards address he, she, they, and it. Students simply draw a card and fill in the blank with the correct pronoun. This card game is a fun way to get in many guided repetitions! It includes 24 pronoun cards and 6 special cards.
Ahoy, Temporal Directions: These pirate themed cards contain before and after directions. Student draws a card and follows the direction. If they are correct, they get to keep the card. Student with the most cards wins! But watch out for fleas!
Riddle Me Timbers: This card game contains riddles to practice receptive vocabulary skills! They are all inspired by the book. Student draws a card and SLP reads the riddle. If student solves the riddle, they get to keep the card! If they have to walk the plank, they lose all their cards! Student with the most cards wins! These cards feature cannons, skulls, treasure, and swords... just as any pirate game should!
NO PREP Activities: This companion also includes three no prep articulation activities that address initial, medial, and final /r/. Arrrrgh, articulation! In addition, there are no prep activities that address pronouns, plurals, and categories. Check 'em  out:
Did you know Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th?! I plan on having a pirate theme that week in my speech room. My students are going to love this book! I haven't read it aloud since I was an undergrad. I worked in a preschool in the afternoons and the children there requested this book almost weekly! I'm excited to put it back in the rotation.

Have you used this book? Or excited to give it a try this upcoming year? 

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Have a wonderful day, matey!

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