Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Grammar

As a speech-language pathologist, I work with many students who struggle with using and understanding higher level syntax. Syntax is one of the major language underpinnings to reading comprehension and writing. If a student is struggling with comprehension, it's usually one of the first things I investigate. Truly, you can still understand a passage without knowing some of the vocabulary... but if you get lost in the syntax of a story, you're in trouble.

Implicit teaching of grammar is extremely important, but I think it's worthwhile to target it explicitly as well. As a grammar junkie, I had to create a resource for primary teachers and other speech-language pathologists that is hands-on and engaging! Let's face it, grammar can be boring for children when they are given regular ol' worksheets. I'm super excited to introduce my new grammar line - Snip and Stick! These interactive sheets only require scissors and glue!
Summer Grammar: Snip and Stick can be found by clicking HERE. This packet is appropriate for primary grades. It addresses plurals, irregular plurals, pronouns, subject-verb agreement, and changing verbs to nouns! There are 50 NO PREP activities that are perfect for teaching, reviewing, and reinforcing grammar. I think these interactive sheets would be excellent additions to literacy/language centers in the regular classroom! Of course, they will also be cool additions to any speech room. Students who love hands-on activities will definitely enjoy this packet!

Here is a preview:
In the future, I plan to have more posts about the importance of grammar, tips/tricks for teaching grammar, and research information! Please make sure you are following me on bloglovin' and facebook, so you'll never miss a post!

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