Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10 Step Guide to Living With Your Monster (Plus Freebie!)

Welcome to Wild About Books Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I talk about a book and discuss ways that it can be used in speech/language therapy. Books are my favorite things ever! They're perfect for targeting nearly every goal! If you're a blogger, please consider linking up with your own ideas. Just use the picture below to link back to me. Lately, I've learned about so many new books. Thanks to everyone who has been linking up! New books and ideas make planning a little bit easier. :)  I feel ahead of the game for next October.
I'm a huge Laura Numeroff fan! She's most widely know as the author of the If You Give A.... series, but she has also wrote some other gems! Today I'm going to talk about 10 Step Guide to Living With Your Monster.
This book is so silly and cute! It's simply a list of 10 tips for living with a monster. Did you know that monsters like country music? And they like to buy bubble gum? haha.. This short book is perfect for a 30 minute session. Back in my teaching days, I used this with a third grade classroom. I had students create their own monsters and pen their own guide. It was so much fun! Here are a few ideas:

1) Describing - students can describe the monster in the text or draw monsters and describe them!
2) Topic Maintenance - students talk about monsters. This little 10 step guide provides a lot to talk about!
3) Following Directions - create a barrier game! First, have students draw their own monsters then students provide each other with directions for drawing their monsters. They'll have fun comparing their work and determining if their directions were clear or unclear. 
4) Writing - students can write their own guide. Students who have difficulty writing can record themselves making their list or can even draw it!

I created a little template that students can use! This can also be used in a regular classroom! There's a template with lines and one without (for those who need to draw).
If you're interested in this freebie, you can download it HERE. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a wonderful Wednesday! It's parent-teacher conference night at my school - I'm in for a loooong day!


  1. Cute! I don't know this book! I'll have to look for it for next year!

  2. I will have to add this one to my monster themed books! Thanks!

  3. So fun! Thanks for always hosting this linky! Check out my post and email me at You won a book companion!