Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Slice of Speech (October 13, 2014)

My fall break is coming to an end! I spent many glorious hours watching Once Upon a Time and drank some apple cider slushies at the Sauerkraut Festival! It's now time to get back into therapy mode. I'm returning with another edition of A Slice of Speech. Each Sunday, I share my visual lesson plans for the upcoming week! You can download the plans below and just click on any picture to see where to find the resource. Neat, right?! I took this idea from all my favorite teacher bloggers!
Halloween is fast approaching! This week we will be reading one of my favorite Halloween tales, Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. I created a very cute book companion for my students to enjoy, you can find it HERE.

Expressively, we will be working on retelling and sequencing. They are very complicated skills, but when you work on retelling it encompasses grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, etc. It's one of my favorite skills to tackle, because it improves everything! I will target receptive language goals by playing games that address temporal directions, riddles, and using some interactive sheets for spatial concepts. I will also be sending home some Color By Pronouns sheets with my students who need to practice pronouns.

I am BEYOND excited to start using my Halloween Color, Cut, and Glue Activities! We will be completing a scary amount of repetitive drills using these resources. I'm also going to be using these same activities with my fluency group this week. Say, WHAT?! Yes, instead of engaging in repetitive drills they will practice easy onsets with the given words. If you ever have to mix articulation kids and fluency kids, using these types of activities can make it easier. This year, I have one student who is stuttering and I try my best to see this student one-on-one, but it's not always possible.

You can download these lesson plans by clicking HERE.

Have a wonderful week! I'm sad break is over, but I'm happy Halloween is finally busting into my speech room!

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  1. My Fall Break is coming to an end as well. :( Why is it that breaks go by waaay to quickly???