Thursday, October 9, 2014

Color By Pronouns: Halloween Edition

It's no secret. I LOVE crayons! I should really buy stock in crayola. Over the summer, I found a way to join in on the "Color By..." fun by linking it to language and created Color By Pronouns: Summer Edition. I adored that little packet and had to create a version for Halloween!
You can find this resource in my TPT store by clicking HERE

I work in a primary school (K-2) so I have lots of little bitties who present with pronoun errors. This packet was designed with them in mind; however, it's something that can also be used in a regular classroom. It'll compliment any mini lesson on pronouns! These activities are so versatile, as you can use them in language therapy, send them home for practice, place in a language center in a regular education classroom, or even give them to students who finish their work early as a "dessert."

This packet is a fun way to teach, review, and reinforce pronouns. It addresses: he, she, they, we, and it. Each page contains a color key (ex. she - green) and then students have to look at the nouns on the picture and color them according to the key. It'll spawn a great discussion about nouns and pronouns!

Check out these examples:
Anyone else a huge fan of The Hunger Games? haha.. I doubt my students will recognize these names, but I had a lot of fun using some of my favorite characters!
Too. Cute.
I can barely contain my excitement for Halloween! Therapy is going to be spooktacular!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I'm lucky enough to be on Fall Break! I have grand plans for catching up on my DVR and hitting up some festivals this weekend!

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