Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween Blends Giveaway!

If you're new around here, I'm absolutely obsessed with Color, Cut, and Glue Articulation Activities! They are a fun way to keep students engaged while they wait for their turn to participate in repetitive drills. Students also leave therapy with a cute crafty-looking product that they can use for home practice. I've received numerous requests to create these activities for a variety of holidays and themes and of course, I am happy to oblige! I love creating them and more importantly, my students LOVE these interactive sheets. Last week, JoBeth, won two great packets (early developing sounds and later developing sounds)! Congrats, JoBeth! Today I want to share the other three packets I created to celebrate Halloween in articulation therapy - /s/ blends, /l/ blends, and /r/ blends. You can enter the raffle below to have FIVE chances to win 300+ activities!

Halloween Color, Cut, and Glue Articulation Activities: S-Blends
I'm a huge fan of zombies! Anyone else anxiously awaiting the new season of The Walking Dead?! This packet is full of cute and creepy goodness! Each /s/ blend features 15 different pages. I have so many students who are working with /s/ blends and I'm so happy this packet contains nearly limitless options for fun (105 pages)! You can find this packet by clicking HERE. Check it out:
Halloween Color, Cut, and Glue Articulation Activities: R-Blends
Take a bite out of /r/ blends! Vampires are my fav! Are you surprised that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays? haha... I grew up watching Buffy and spent my adulthood reading Sookie Stackhouse books! So, I'm very excited about this packet! My little /r/ blends students are going to love this packet. It contains 105 activities. You can find it HERE. Check it out:
Halloween Color, Cut, and Glue Articulation Activities: L-Blends
Let's get wrapped up in /l/ blends! Pardon my corniness! lol... I have quite a few students who are working on /l/ and /l/ blends this year. This packet contains 90 pages of fun! Each /l/ blend contains 15 different options. You can find it HERE. Check it out:
These activities are super simple! Students color everything on the page, then cut out their target words, then glue their target words around or on the main picture on the top half of the sheet! They are super interactive, students remain on task, and they make fabulous homework activities! Don't forget to enter the raffle for a chance to win an insane amount of activities!

All five of these Halloween packets have been bundled together for super savings! If you are interested in all of these packets the Halloween Articulation Bundle is a great option.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Have a wonderful week! My Fall Break is coming up on Wednesday - whoo hoo!

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  1. Love these quick activities! They are great around progress report time especially.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one, Scarlett! I love it! You're so creative!

  3. OOOOOH I hope I win! These look cute and fun!

  4. These are so helpful for planning. And love that you love zombie stuff too. Anxiously awaiting the return on the Walking Dead!!

  5. So Cute! I would love a copy! Thanks!

  6. Cute! I would love to try this.

  7. Your therapy sessions look a lot like mine! Love to incorporate cutting and coloring into articulation practice. Would love to win the Halloween Blend packet.

  8. Love quick activities! So cute!