Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Expressive Language

Themes make therapy so much fun! I love using seasonal items in my therapy room, because it's keeps everything very fresh and new. Currently, students cannot get enough zombies, ghosts, and spooky creatures! Honestly, I can't get enough of the spookiness either! This October, I will be supporting expressive language goals with my latest packet.

Halloween Expressive Language
This packet encompasses a wide variety of expressive language skills - from describing to vocabulary. Here's a peek into the packet:

Comparing/Contrasting: Students draw a card and discuss how the two items are alike and different. If they find a crazy bat, they'll get an extra turn. This game also contains two mini posters to provide students with visual aids.
Pronouns: At the primary level, I have lots of students who will benefit from this cute card game! Students draw a card and fill in the blank with the correct pronoun. If they are correct, they keep the card. If they find a haunted house then they lose all their cards! Oooh noo! haha..The pronouns addressed in this game are: he, she, they, and it. This game also includes two mini posters to display during your therapy session!
Describing:  Students draw a card and describe the given item. If they describe the item correctly they get to keep the card. Student with the most cards wins (but watch out for special cards!). This game also includes two mini posters to provide students with visual cues.
Irregular Plurals: Student draws a card and then the SLP reads the singular sentence. Student then makes the same sentence plural. If they are correct then they get to keep the card! Two visuals are also included!
NO PREP Activities: This packet also contains a variety of print n' go activities (12 in total). These interactive sheets address synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, comparing/contrasting, topic maintenance, analogies, and more! Here's an example:
This packet is also part of a money saving bundle, if you're interested in more spooky-themed materials:

Have a spooktastic Monday!

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