Wednesday, October 15, 2014

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat

Welcome to Wild About Books Wednesday! Each Wednesday, I discuss how to use a specific book in therapy. I may share a list of ideas, a book companion, or a freebie! If you're a blogger, please consider joining in on the fun by linking up with your own book ideas! Just use the picture at the bottom of this post to link back to me. Lately, I've been working feverishly preparing for Halloween! I just could not let Halloween escape without some old lady shenanigans! My latest book companion supports Lucille Colandro's There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat.
You can find this book companion in my TPT store by clicking HERE.

I believe that book series are perfect for children with language disorders. As I've mentioned in previous posts, reoccurring characters equip our students with background knowledge. Background knowledge is a critical ingredient for comprehension. Whenever I whip out an Old Lady book, my students immediately recognize her and start discussing previous books! Yes!

This book is a wonderful tool! If you haven't picked up on it, I refer to books as tools a lot! In my opinion, that's exactly what they are.

This book can be used to work on story-retelling and sequencing. This book companion includes a variety of motivating activities to address these skills. Students can feed the old lady cards or use an interactive retelling mat.
This companion also includes card games that support comprehension skills and temporal directions. Students simply draw a card and follow the direction. If they are correct they get to keep the card and the student that collects the most cards wins! This book is truly the perfect companion for supporting temporal concepts.. In addition, you can talk about what granny ate before or after different items!
If you're not familiar with this book series, they're filled with fun and silly rhymes! Rhyming can be a tough skill to tackle; however, when laughter is involved it makes things more motivating! I created a bingo game that addresses rhyming. Provide students with a prompt and they have to search for a rhyming word on their bingo board. 
I also included an activity that supports prepositions called "Put a Goblin on it!" Provide each student with a ghost and a set of goblins. They have to place the goblin around the ghost according to the provided preposition.

I also included some NO PREP activities for /t, d/, irregular plurals, and irregular past tense! This book is a great compliment to any lesson about past tense, as she "swallowed" a bat. 
What is your favorite book series? Which ones do you use in therapy? Please leave a comment and let me know! Also, please consider linking up!
 P.S. I'm having a Halloween sale in my store until the end of the day! You can snag this companion (and anything else!) for 20% off! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I LOVE the old lady books- I will definitely have to add this one to my collection soon :) Your book companion looks really cute! I love that there are lots of no-prep activities!

  2. I'm bringing this book out next week! I decided to try to cycle the books from year to year so some of my kids won't have "repeats"!

  3. Look at all these awesome SLPs linking up! Way to go ladies! I have been getting so many great resources from this linky party!