Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday - SLP Style! (Linky Party)

Yay! The School SLP is hosting her very first linky party - Throwback Thursday: SLP Style! How fun! The premise of this linky is to talk about materials you've used in the past, favorite blog posts, and more! This linky will occur on the first Thursday of each month!
 First, no Throwback Thursday is complete without an embarrassing photograph!
Shhh.. don't tell my brother he's on the internet haha. This was circa 1988! I was three. Do you like my hot rod shirt? lol

This summer I threw it all the way back! I hopped into my DeLorean and landed in the '60's. I made three very groovy packets!  If you didn't see them over the summer, they are super cute!
Peace, Speech, and Chicken Grease: Expressive Language

This little packet features activities for pronouns, comparing/contrasting, irregular plurals, and multiple meaning words.

This bad boy targets riddles, temporal directions, WH ?s, and a card game for "what doesn't belong?" 
Peace, Love, and Articulation

This groovy packet contains 125 color, cut, and glue activities!

I don't always play games in therapy, but when I do it's Candy Land!
I have a relatively old school version of this game! It never gets old  - gotta love vintage games!

*hops into DeLorean and speeds back over to The School SLP's linky party*

Peace out! :)


  1. VERY cute materials! I also love the picture of you and your brother :) Thanks for linking up! I was thinking of doing a theme each month for the "Throwback Thursday SLP Style!" linky... For example, next month do Social Language Materials/blogs/activities... what do you think?

    1. Thank you! :) That's a great idea - I always love a theme! haha

  2. The packet is very cute! I've gotta admit: I'm not a big fan of CandyLand. :(
    Love the picture!!