Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stick Man (Plus Freebie!)

Happy Wild About Books Wednesday! Each Wednesday, I choose a book and discuss ways in which it can be used in speech/language therapy. Books can truly bring a therapy session to life! I use them often to tackle a wide array of goals. I also invite other bloggers to share their ideas! If you would like to join in, link up at the bottom and link back to me in your post using the picture below:
Today, I'm talking about another book by Julia Donaldson, Stick Man. Remember The Gruffalo? Stick Man is a wonderful book to use in therapy during the Christmas season. It's about a not-so-lucky stick who gets separated from his family. He goes on his morning jog and ends up being used in a game of fetch! He is then passed along from one person to the next and used for all sorts of silly things. Eventually he ends up in a fireplace and wakes up to find a strange man stuck in the chimney! He rescues Santa and gets a first-class ride back home on a sleigh! I love this book, because students will have no idea it's about Christmas until the end!
 I have a million ideas for this book! Here are a few:
1) /s/ blends - this is the perfect book for auditory bombardment and practicing /s/ blends at the reading level. Seriously, the word "stick" appears in this book no less than 5 million times. haha
2) Sequencing: This is another gem that can be used with sequencing and/or retelling goals! There's a very clear-cut sequence, making it perfect for all students!
3) Stick craft - I'm no craftologist, but you could give students strips of brown construction paper and they could make their own stick man to aid in story retelling!
4) Problem/Solution - Discuss Stick Man's problem and how he solved it! Here is a freebie for you! Students can write and/or draw pictures to discuss problem/solution.
You can download this little freebie by clicking HERE.

Have you used this book in your speech room? Please comment and share your ideas! If you're a blogger, please consider linking up below!

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  1. Congrats on the Edublog nomination! I just voted!!

  2. That sounds like such a cute book!

  3. What a cute book! And, YAY for all the exciting new things going on!! Can't wait to see what the newsletter has in store! :)