Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Slice of Speech (January 12, 2014)

A Slice of Speech is back! Each Sunday, I share a little slice of my speech room by providing my visual lesson plans for the upcoming week! If you're following my on Instagram, then you know that last week was full of MagneTalk! After a long break, I love pulling out MagneTalk and Chipper Chat! They're both fun games, no prep, and target a million goals. Does anyone else like to take it easy on the preparation following a break? Or is it just me? lol
This upcoming week is going to be a short one.. We are having a professional development day on Friday, so there will just be four days full of therapy. My articulation groups will spend another week coloring, cutting, and gluing! In expressive language, we will continue our study of the EET and use my cards from my winter expressive language packet. We spent a lot of time last week getting to know each of the beads. I absolutely love the dice that are provided with the kit - they're a great way to practice what each of the beads mean. In addition, students with comparing/contrasting goals will be getting their practice in with a winter themed activity! Receptively, we will be working on WH ?s, basic concepts, and following directions.
You can download these visual lesson plans by clicking HERE. After you download it, just click on each of the pictures and it'll lead you to the resource! Super cool, huh? I borrowed this idea from many of my favorite teacher bloggers - they're awesome and so creative!

I hope you have a wonderful week! Stay warm!

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