Tuesday, January 27, 2015

IEP Cheat Sheets!

It's Quick Tip Tuesday! I'm linking up with Kim, The School SLP, for her linky party! Each Tuesday, she shares some "quick tips" on her blog to help speech pathologists become more efficient! I'm probably the world's most unorganized SLP (and most likely the ONLY unorganized SLP haha), so I anticipate learning a lot from Kim's new blog series!
At the beginning of the school year, I have tons of new students and truly it can be hard for me to remember hundreds of goals. I also work in a district where students move in and out frequently. It can be hard to keep up with an ever-changing caseload. So, I created an IEP cheat sheet.

In August, I thoroughly review every student's file and read through their IEPs and create what I call an IEP cheat sheet! I'll be honest, it is somewhat time consuming.. but I believe it creates an invaluable reference tool for the rest of the school year (which you can update every month or so to accommodate updated goals, dismissals, and new students).

What is an IEP cheat sheet? Basically, I created a table in Microsoft Word that outlines some vital information (Student's Name, Teacher/Grade, Times Per Month, and Goals). I put this on my clipboard and reference it as needed. Here's an example:
I organize the students according to grade and teachers (not alphabetically). This allows me to quickly glance and see how many students I have in a particular teacher's class.

If you're ever doubting yourself for a moment during a therapy session (especially in those first few weeks of school!).. No need to run to your filing cabinet or computer to double check on a goal - just glance at an IEP cheat sheet on your clip board!


  1. Scarlett, I love this idea! Way to stay organized from the get-go! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Good idea! I made a little sheet so I can see what class everybody is in. I've been at 1 school 7 years, so I pretty much know what they're all working on, but I definitely used my form over & over when I started at my new/old school since I didn't know a lot of the kids!

  3. Great idea! I keep a data base similar to yours that also includes case manager, coding/identification, reeavluation date, next IEP, and D.O.B. I don't have goals on it, but maybe I should!