Thursday, January 29, 2015

Speech Globes!

Last week, we were busy creating some snow globes! First, let me say that I'm pretty craft-challenged and I don't attempt any craft that requires me to move mountains (ex. drawing templates or more than three pieces) haha... So, if I can whip up these snow globes then they are truly super easy to the peasy.
First, I grabbed a cookie bulletin board decoration and traced it to create my globe template. Seriously, I can't even draw a circle! They're always hot messes when I try to free-hand. I was able to successfully draw the base and create my own template for it. Then I folded white paper and made a bunch of little snowballs.
I whipped up all the necessary pieces in about 15 minutes and even made a sample for my students.

You can use these globes to target nearly all of the goals on your caseload! My articulation groups wrote their target words onto their snowballs prior to gluing. To target vocabulary, you could write one word one the base and have students write synonyms or antonyms on the snowballs!
I required students to create at least four snowballs and then they had the option to flip it over and draw a winter scene. My students know they always have to be busy in my room! When students wait for their turn to practice, they have to be engaged with something.. so these snow globes were perfect to keep students occupied. I think this stems from my teaching days... downtime in a classroom = bad news.
These little snow globes also doubled as homework! I instructed my students to practice their snow globe words with their families.

My students really enjoyed this little craft and it was soooo easy! It was very simple to assemble! These kindergarteners are super proud of their snow globes!

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  1. Really cute! A co-worker made snow globes out of paper plates. It was really cute!