Sunday, January 18, 2015

Winter Blends Giveaway!

Seriously, I absolutely love NO PREP activities. This has probably been one of the busiest years of my career and print n' go activities have been an absolute lifesaver. Last week, I shared some winter printables for early developing sounds and later develop sounds. Today, I want to share the consonant blend versions! Over winter break, my /s/ blends, /r/ blends, and /l/ blends packets received MAJOR updates. Now, each blend contains THREE different options! This allows for more variety, as you can have 21 different sessions with either blend without ever repeating the same words! I'm also going to host a MEGA giveaway! Just enter the raffle below to win all three packets!

Winter NO PREP Articulation: S-Blends
If you're new to these activities, they're all in black and white ink to save money and time! These activities were also designed to maximize repetitions of targeted sounds. While students wait to participate in repetitive drills, they remain engaged as they color, cut, and glue! Here are some examples to showcase the variety contained in each packet:
Winter NO PREP Articulation: R-Blends
These packets are full of cuteness! These interactive sheets are also perfect to send home for additional practice. When students are also doing something they enjoy, repetitive drills aren't so bad. ;) I often use the finished product as homework too. Students have a craft-like project to show their families when they're finished, which can be used to practice their speech at home.

Winter NO PREP Articulation: L-Blends
The /l/ blends packet follows the same format! With two more months of winter - I'm so glad I made these packets for my students. They contain endless possibilities and my K-2 caseload eats them up!

All five of my winter articulation activities have been bundled and discounted 25% off - if you're interested! You can find it by clicking HERE.
I hope you have a fabulous week! Just entered the raffle below for FIVE chances to win these packets for your speech room.

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  1. Each packet looks so great! Fingers crossed!!! :)

  2. The packets look great! Would love to win and put them to good use!

  3. LOVE your no-prep packs!! These are always a great time saver, and the kiddos love them :0)

  4. These would be so great to use with my students! These look super cute and very practical for my caseload!

  5. Well isn't this fun? Keeping my fingers crossed, you know I love "no prep" especially your No Prep materials!

  6. Fingers crossed! No Prep artic is the way to go!

  7. My students would love this activity!! I have several of your no prep packets and love them!!