Monday, February 23, 2015

What's In Your Cart? Linky! (Teachers Are Heroes Sale!)

I don't know about you, but my wishlist is bursting at the seams! It may or may not contain hundreds of items. haha.. Thankfully, it's time for another site-wide sale over on Teachers Pay Teachers! I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for her awesome linky party - What's in your cart?

The Teachers Are Heroes sale will begin on Wednesday, February 25th! Everything in my store will be 20% off, plus you can score an additional 8% off by applying the TPT sale code: HEROES. My sale will also continue on February 26th - two days of fun!

Before I show you what's in my cart, I want to share some must-have items from my store! I've been hard at work on two new NO PREP series! First up, I have Print N' Go Game Boards! The Growing Bundle will be an amazing steal during this sale, as it's currently marked down nearly 48% off and you can scoop it up for an additional 28% off during the sale. This is called a growing bundle,  because new packets will be added on the 20th of every month. Each time I add a new packet, the price of this bundle will increase.

Articulation Game Boards for the YEAR {A Growing Bundle}

These game boards are also sold separately. Here is the March Edition:

My second NO PREP series is called A Dab of Speech and Language! It has a wide variety of activities that address articulation, language, and fluency. This packet has been designed to be used with bingo daubers or do-a-dot markers, but can also be used with crayons/pencils/markers! The growing bundle currently only contains the March edition so it is 50% off and will be an additional 28% off during the sale! #steal These growing bundles are essentially like joining a club, on the 20th of each month you will visit your purchases page and re-download to get your new goodies. This sale will be the cheapest this bundle will ever be, as the price will increase each month.

A Dab of Speech and Language for the YEAR {A Growing Bundle}

These packets are also sold separately. Here is the March Edition!

If you visit my little store during this sale, don't forget to browse my custom categories! I'll have a St. Patrick's Day bundle ready by the 25th and lots of spring themed goodies too!

Now what am I buying? So much stuff! Of course, I'll be stocking up on clip art for upcoming game boards and "A Dab.." packets. Here are some therapy materials that I am excited to buy!

Interactive Book of Pronouns by Speech Made Simple
This has been on my wishlist for awhile! I'm excited to get my paws on this. haha

Articulation Strips - /r/ by Sublime Speech
I love collecting unique resources. I've never seen "strips" for articulation, so this is def going into my cart.

NO PRINT Spring Time Fun: Expressive and Receptive Language by The Speech Owl
I've never used a NO PRINT resource and I'm excited to give this a try!

2nd Grade Vocabulary Surival Kit by The Speech Bubble SLP
I love vocabulary!

Make sure you browse through the What's In Your Cart Linky Party to see what everyone else is stocking up on! Happy shopping! Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting my blog!

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Dab of Speech and Language

It's no secret. I love art supplies. We go through massive amounts of colored pencils and glue in my speech room! My students love creating & decorating and I'm always thinking of ways to provide them with novel actvities. My bloggy friend Mary, over at Old School Speech, mentioned to me that her students preferred bingo daubers over crayons. Honestly, I had never used bingo daubers in therapy so they went straight to the top of my shopping list! I began thinking of ways to incorporate the daubers into my therapy. Of course, do-a-dots and articulation therapy, are pretty popular ways to use bingo daubers.. but I wanted to take it further. I made some "A Dab of Comprehension" freebies that I shared on my blog and other dot activities. Finally, I decided that I wanted to create ways to address lots of different goals with bingo daubers and "A Dab of Speech and Language" was born.

I'm super excited about this series! I stocked up on bingo daubers of all colors and ever shimmery daubers! I'm the type of person, when I see a shoe that I like.. I want it in every color! haha.. The same thing goes for therapy materials (and apparently bingo daubers haha). If there is something I like, I want it in all themes so that I'll have options throughout the year. So, I decided to make "A Dab of Speech and Language" for every month.

Here's a peek at the March Edition:
Each month, there will be activities that address the holidays and the season of that month. March covers St. Patrick's Day and spring. April will be covering Easter, spring, and Earth Day. Months that are low on holidays may also include some year around themes.

Here are some examples of completed activities:
This packet contains three different activities for articulation. There is "A Dab of..." where students simply dab the picture of their word after they practice. There is also "Spin and Dab" where students use a pencil and paperclip to spin the spinner to determine if they are practicing their word in the initial, medial, or final position. There are also "spin and dab" activities for blends and CVC words.
I thought it would also be cool to color code each position! There are also "Dab and Say" activities that encourage students to practice their sounds at the word, phrase, and sentence level. After a student practices their word at the word level they get to dab, after they practice at the phrase level they get to dab, etc.
These packets will also cover lots of language skills and fluency. Here are some more examples:
"Dab and Sequence" 
Dab the preposition!

Many other skills are included such as categories, antonyms, synonyms, multiple meaning words, describing, and more! 

If you don't own bingo daubers, no problem! Students can use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color in the circles instead. These activities are great for reinforcing skills and fun with or without the bingo daubers... Although, I highly recommend scooping up some daubers (they're also called "Do-A-Dot Art Markers)! haha

The March version is also included in a year long mega bundle! When you snag all 12 months together it's 20% off! 

Do your students enjoy using bingo daubers/do-a-dot markers? What sorts of skills would you be interested in seeing in future packets? Please comment and let me know! I've been doing lots of brainstorming this week.. since snow and the bitter cold have closed down my school. Seriously, it was -11 degrees this morning! Eeek. 

Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful weekend - stay warm and safe! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Corduroy (Plus Freebie!)

*This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link*
Corduroy by Don Freeman is one of my all-time favorite picture books! I can't believe I haven't blogged about this book yet! Is there anything more endearing than a teddy bear? I absolutely love using this book in therapy - it's great for practicing comprehension questions, making inferences, and much more! Ultimately, it's a story of friendship and compassion. To celebrate Wild About Books Wednesday, I also whipped up a little two page freebie for you!
Many of my students have never been to a department store and I love using this book to help build upon their world knowledge. If you're not familiar with this book, Corduroy resides in a big department store. He spends day after day on the shelf and nobody ever buys him. One day he realizes that he's missing a button and then he sets off on a small adventure to find it!

There are so many skills you can target using this story:

1) Inferencing: If you've joined me for Wild About Books Wednesday before, then you know how much I love working on this skill. It's critical for comprehension and it's never too early to work on it! So many inferences can be made with this book! Examples: Why does Corduroy think that the escalator is a mountain? Why doesn't anyone buy Corduroy?

2) Vocabulary: This is a great little book for vocabulary and using context clues. For instance, what's a palace? What's a department store? Scaffold students to use context clues to figure out these words!

3) Sequencing: Students can make their own sequencing map to outline the events of this story!

4) "A Dab of Comprehension" is becoming a mainstay on my blog! I love these little sheets! After students answer the WH ? they can use a bingo dauber to color in the circle!
5) Describing: I've been using the EET quite a bit lately.. I whipped up a cute little bingo dauber activity that is inspired by the EET. After students provide a description for the circle, they can color it in using a dauber or marker!
If you would like to scoop up this freebie, just click HERE.

How have you used Corduroy? I'd love if you would comment with your ideas!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Articulation Data Sheets (Freebie!)

Happy Tuesday! I'm dropping in today to link up with Kim over at The School SLP for her weekly linky party - Quick Tip Tuesday! Today, I want to share how I collect data during articulation therapy!
I'm a dork. I love collecting data and during articulation therapy I try to be as thorough as possible. I like to keep track of exact numbers.. for instance, if a student produces 150 repetitions at the word level during a session I want to know exactly how many productions were correct. In graduate school, I whipped together a little chart to help me keep track of everything. I just spruced it up in PowerPoint to share with you today! 
This chart allows you to keep track of the initial, medial, and final positions at the word, phrase, sentence, and conversation level. I don't keep track of every little thing in therapy, but I like knowing that I could if I wanted to. haha

Here's a quick example with my homies Ned Stark and Harry Potter:
Each time a student takes a turn, I just jot down how many is correct out of 20 or 10 - usually 20, because I'm hard core lol. At the end of the session.. errr many moons later when I plug it into medicaid (haha!) I just calculate the final percentages. Easy. Peasy.

Of course, we all have our own styles for data collection. If you are interested in mine you can download my collection sheet HERE. I'm going to print this out tomorrow and I actually might change the font.. My current one is a simple word document and I've never used this pretty version. If I find anything wrong with it, I'll def re-upload.

Don't forget to check out more "Quick Tips" over at The School SLP!
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Themed Lesson Plans!

"A Slice of Speech" is a little blog series here at Speech Is Sweet where I share a little "slice" of my speech life! I discuss what I have planned for the upcoming week and share my visual lesson plans! If you would like to take a peek at my plans, just download them below and click on each picture to find the resource!
This week, we are continuing our Valentine's Day theme! Last week, we read The Day It Rained Hearts and my students loved it! One student said, "ooh this is getting good" when the book showed which friend received each valentine. I cracked up! haha

This week, I'll be using my Valentine's expressive and receptive language packets! Expressively, some groups will be working on comparing/contrasting. Other groups will continue their use of the EET using the describing cards provided in the packet! I plan on playing Jeepers Peepers and using the Valentine's Day cards instead! My students love when I bust out that game! We will also work on building our vocabularies with sweet synonyms! Receptively, we will work on answering WH ?s and following directions!

My articulation groups are going to do some Valentine's Day themed color, cut, and glue activities. I'm thinking we will also make a valentine with our speech words too! I really need to get my paws on some red construction paper - my craft stash is running dangerously low! I currently have one fluency student, although I have a couple in RTI at the moment. That student will be reviewing types of stuttering and practicing easy onsets!
If you would like to download these plans, just click HERE.

I'm also linking up with Old School Speech for her weekly linky - Week In Review! Don't forget to check out her post for some more lesson ideas!
Have a wonderful week! Speech is in the air!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Froggy's First Kiss

Hearts, pink, and love bugs have invaded my speech room! We dove right into Valentine's Day themed therapy this week with The Day It Rained Hearts! Truthfully, there are just too many cute books and not enough time to read them all! One book I hope to squeeze in this month is Froggy's First Kiss by Jonathan London.
*This post contains Amazon Affiliate links*
I bought clip art MONTHS ago for this little gem of a book. I had every intention to create a book companion for it, but I just couldn't find the time. But that's okay, there's always next year! Of course, I just can't wait a whole year to share my ideas so I'm showcasing this book for Wild About Books Wednesday! If you're a blogger, I would love if you would link up with your own book discussion!
The Froggy series is wonderful for language therapy, as students will come to love this rambunctious character. They'll build background knowledge as they follow Froggy all over the place - to school, to camp, and even to Hawaii! I also found the most precious book buddy to accompany all of my Froggy read alouds! You can find him on Amazon by clicking HERE. In Froggy's First Kiss, Froggy develops a crush on the prettiest frog in the world - Frogilina!

There are many skills you can address using this book:

1) Design a Valentine: Students can design a valentine for Frogilina from Froggy's perspective!

2) Emotions and Perspective Taking: Froggy's face turns red when Frogilina kisses him - discuss why he felt embarrassed! There are loads of other emotions that can be discussed too!

3) Sequencing: Each day at lunch, Frogilina pulls a treat out of her lunchbox and gives it to Froggy.. One day that treat happens to be a kiss! You could bring in a lunch box and have students "pack" the different events of the story! How fun would that be?!

4) Just for Fun: At the end of the story, Froggy receives candy kisses from his mother. Why not end your therapy session by giving your students some Hershey kisses too?! It'll make the book something to remember!

Have you used this book in therapy? Leave a comment and share your ideas!

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Articulation Game Boards! {Print and Go!}

I've been very hard at work on a new articulation series and I wanted to swing by the blog to give you a sneak peek! If you are familiar with my materials then you know how much I LOVE black and white ink! I love creating print n' go materials, because I know what it's like to be a busy SLP.

My love for NO PREP and desire to create something that doesn't exist are what fueled this project! I'm super excited about it! Here's a peek at the February Edition:
This is going to be a year-long series. Each month, I'll release a new packet that contains print n' go game boards that address all the holidays and the season of that month. For instance, February contains game boards for Groundhog's Day, President's Day, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, and winter!

I posted a few of the winter themed game boards to instagram:
The February packet contains 74 unique game boards! At the conclusion of this series, there will be 888 different game boards! Here are some more game boards found in the February Edition:

There are four game boards for each sound (2 in the initial position and 2 in the final) and two boards for /s/ blends, /r/ blends, and /l/ blends. Each board also contains pictures to support non-readers! These are perfect for keeping students occupied while they wait for their turn to engage in repetitive drills!

You can add your own spinners, dice, and game pieces OR you can use the paper pieces that are provided. These game boards went for a test drive in my speech room last week and my students were thrilled! They are all looking forward to building their game board collections. I wish ya'll could've seen their smiles when they found out that there were more game boards coming! I need to buy my students some folders to house their collections!
My students worked individually with their game boards as they waited for their turns! They stayed busy decorating and moving their game pieces! When students can have fun and remain occupied during speech therapy, classroom management is an absolute breeze. When there are no disruptions, students truly reap the benefits of one-on-one therapy even in the largest of groups.
I love that students will leave the speech room with something tangible! These game boards not only serve as therapy tools, but also as homework. When the session is complete, students take their game boards home for additional practice.
 My older students used the spinners and game pieces provided.
I gave my younger students real game pieces and they used my beloved super duper spinners!

I decided to create a "Growing Bundle" for these game boards for those who are interested in collecting these game boards each month. This is a great way to save money up front and it's currently 50% off for a limited time! New packets will be posted on the 20th of each month or sooner! That ensures that each month will be available 10 days before it begins!

Check out Articulation Game Boards for the YEAR {A Growing Bundle}

Thank you for visiting my blog and checking out my new articulation products! I hope these are something that can save SLPs precious planning and prep time!

Have a wonderful day!