Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Froggy's First Kiss

Hearts, pink, and love bugs have invaded my speech room! We dove right into Valentine's Day themed therapy this week with The Day It Rained Hearts! Truthfully, there are just too many cute books and not enough time to read them all! One book I hope to squeeze in this month is Froggy's First Kiss by Jonathan London.
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I bought clip art MONTHS ago for this little gem of a book. I had every intention to create a book companion for it, but I just couldn't find the time. But that's okay, there's always next year! Of course, I just can't wait a whole year to share my ideas so I'm showcasing this book for Wild About Books Wednesday! If you're a blogger, I would love if you would link up with your own book discussion!
The Froggy series is wonderful for language therapy, as students will come to love this rambunctious character. They'll build background knowledge as they follow Froggy all over the place - to school, to camp, and even to Hawaii! I also found the most precious book buddy to accompany all of my Froggy read alouds! You can find him on Amazon by clicking HERE. In Froggy's First Kiss, Froggy develops a crush on the prettiest frog in the world - Frogilina!

There are many skills you can address using this book:

1) Design a Valentine: Students can design a valentine for Frogilina from Froggy's perspective!

2) Emotions and Perspective Taking: Froggy's face turns red when Frogilina kisses him - discuss why he felt embarrassed! There are loads of other emotions that can be discussed too!

3) Sequencing: Each day at lunch, Frogilina pulls a treat out of her lunchbox and gives it to Froggy.. One day that treat happens to be a kiss! You could bring in a lunch box and have students "pack" the different events of the story! How fun would that be?!

4) Just for Fun: At the end of the story, Froggy receives candy kisses from his mother. Why not end your therapy session by giving your students some Hershey kisses too?! It'll make the book something to remember!

Have you used this book in therapy? Leave a comment and share your ideas!

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  1. Oh, how I love Froggy, but I don't have this one.
    I'm not participating this week because I'm a real slacker and didn't get organized enough!

  2. Scarlett, I don't think I have a single Froggy book! Great ideas...I'll have to look into snagging a copy!