Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Night Before Easter (Plus Freebie!)

It's Wild About Books Wednesday! Each Wednesday, I highlight a new book and discuss ways that it can be used in speech/language therapy! I also invite other bloggers to link up and share their own book ideas. If you're interested, just use the picture at the end of this post to link back to me! Not a blogger? That's okay! I'd love if you would comment with your own ideas!
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Around Valentine's Day, I stumbled upon the cutest book! The Night Before Valentine's Day by Natasha Wing. She has an entire series of books that celebrate any and all occasions! They each follow the same pattern which is wonderful for students who are struggling with comprehension! Since it's almost Easter, I wanted to whip up a quick freebie for The Night Before Easter to share with you today.
The first page of this freebie is "A Dab of Comprehension" page. Students answer simple WH questions about the book then they can use a bingo dauber or a marker to color in the circle!
I love incorporating books about the holidays into therapy, because it's an awesome way to help students make text-to-self connections. They can compare the ways they celebrate a holiday with how the characters celebrate. Students will have fun comparing their experiences with Easter with the boy in the book! He caught the Easter Bunny delivering goodies!

This book also has a wonderful description of the Easter Bunny! After reading the book, students can work on recalling the details from the story to describe him!
If you're interested in this freebie you can download it by clicking HERE. Have you used this book in your classroom or speech room? What are your ideas?

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I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! I have two more days until spring break! Whoooo hooooo!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Articulation Game Boards {FREEBIE!}

Hi, friends! Thank you for stopping by my little blog. I whipped up a quick freebie to share with you today! Back in February, I launched a new NO PREP articulation series. You can read more about that HERE. This series has been a complete hit! My students adored the March game boards and I'm excited to introduce them to the April game boards soon! My students say they are "collecting" the game boards, which makes me so happy! I love that my students are building a library of resources for home practice.

My latest freebie is a sample of this series!
You can find this freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE. These game boards don't have any particular theme and can be used year around! Basically, I used some cute clip art that I haven't had an opportunity to use yet! I've become quite the clip art hoarder, ya'll. haha... I love how they turned out. Here are some examples:
This freebie contains 6 game boards that address /k, f, t, s, th, r/. I tried to give a good mix of early and later developing sounds!

Here are some action shots! I love breaking out the electronic spinners, because they are so novel and motivating! We also used bingo chips in these pics, because well.. they were the closest game pieces during that session. They worked great! haha!
Students remain engaged by playing their game and decorating their game boards while they waited for their turn to work one-on-one with me. These game boards really are great for streamlining therapy with large groups. Students aren't disruptive when they are engaged at all times (that's the teacher in me! haha).

After spring break, I'll be busting out this bad boy! The April edition is my favorite so far. I just love April showers, flowers, and all things spring! :) You can find all 12 editions in the bundle HERE.
Have a wonderful day! I hope you enjoy the freebie! If you snag it, please don't forget to leave a little feedback! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Lesson Plans!

"A Slice of Speech" is a little blog series here at Speech Is Sweet! I talk about what I have planned for the upcoming week and share my visual lesson plans. If you would like to take a peek at my plans, just download them below and click on the pictures to find the resources! Since the last time I shared a "slice" of my speech room things have been a little crazy! We had an entire snow week! I went out of town to attend the Kentucky Speech and Hearing convention the following week, which was also followed up by a snow day and another out of town trip. I'm ready to get back into a routine until the end of the school year!
This week is all about St. Patrick's Day! We have already been using my March Articulation game boards for some lucky themed therapy! This week we will be using my St. Patrick's Day Receptive and Expressive language packets! Expressively, we will be working on comparing/contrasting, describing, and vocabulary! Receptively, we will be working on following temporal directions, spatial concepts, and answering WH ?s. During Valentine's Day, I printed off all of the NO PREP WH question pages and made a big ol' book for my students. I'm going to do that again for St. Patrick's Day! My students loved their book and it was great for students to finish as homework.

My articulation groups will be having fun using color, cut, and glue activities! My students love these types of activities! Also, they're great for getting in some fine motor skills practice! Students remain actively engaged with their words while they wait for their turn to participate in repetitive drills. My little fluency student will be "dabbing out myths" using a page from the March: A Dab of Speech and Language and will be using bingo daubers while practicing easy onsets.

If you would like to download these plans, just click HERE.

I hope you have a wonderful and lucky week! Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover!

Wild About Books Wednesday is back! The last few weeks have been a total whirlwind! I travelled down to the Kentucky Speech and Hearing Convention and then to Chicago the following week. I may or may not have also spent insane amounts of time watching House of Cards and Friends on Netflix! ;)

The return of Wild About Books Wednesday brings one of my favorite things - a book companion!
The old lady is loved by speech pathologists and children everywhere! These books are definitely must-haves for any type of classroom. They're funny and perfect for building fluency, comprehension, and a multitude of language skills! 

This book is a great way to introduce little ones to St. Patrick's Day vocabulary such as leprechaun, gold, rainbow, fiddle, and much more! There are so many goals that can be addressed with this book, including:

1) Sequencing - There is a very clear-cut sequence of events and it's highly repetitive, perfect for students who are struggling with sequencing.

2) Why Questions - I love using these books for practicing answering why questions, because there is a reason why she swallows everything. For instance, she swallowed the gold to put in the pot! This book provides ample opportunities for tackling those intimidating why questions.

3) Spatial Concepts - You can discuss where things are in the Old Lady 's tummy! For instance, the daisy is next to the clover or the gold is in the pot, etc.

My book companion also covers temporal directions, comprehension questions, story retelling, rhyming, and more! You can find it in my TPT store by clicking HERE.

Here's a peek:
Also, if you're a blogger I would love if you would link up and share your own book ideas! I love reading about new books and new ways to use old books! Just simply link back to me using the picture below:

Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful day! 

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