Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Last Week of Speech!

25 more morning duties. 25 more bus duties. 25 more alarms. Ya'll, there are only 25 more days left of school! I'm super excited (despite the mountains of paperwork daring me to smile) that this year is winding down. It has been a rough one, for sure.

The last week of speech is around the corner and I had to create some motivating activities for my students! I also wanted some NO PREP pages that I can use for years to come. I'm super excited about my latest packet - The Last Week of Speech!
This puppy has everything you need to survive the last week of speech! It contains memory book activities, articulation & language printables, open-ended pages, summer gifts for your articulation students, and passports for summer practice!

I designed three different passports! A passport to articulation, fluency, and language! Challenge your students to complete a mission each week of summer! If they go to their "destination" and complete their assignment, they get to color in their passport stamp!
Here is a glimpse inside:
These passports are just too cute! The fluency passport has some desensitization activities, such as using the phone to order a pizza! It focuses heavily on practicing fluency strategies, such as easy onsets.
The park will take repetitive drills to the next level! I tried to make the "destinations" places that most children have access to, but I think it's also important to let your students know that they can also pretend. For instance, in one of the passports I have the zoo as a destination. I know this is not possible for most of the children I work with, so I'm going to encourage them to use their imaginations!
The passports also have activities that are designed for pretend play, such as a treasure hunt or safari!

Now, if you have a gigantic caseload like most SLPs... don't feel like you have to cut and prepare these passports for all 60+ students! Allow your students to take ownership and let them cut them out. All of my students are pretty proficient with cutting at this point, because ya'll know I love scissors and glue! haha... My plan is to have students assemble their passports during their last week of therapy and explain the game plan! I also plan on sending home little summer packets too in addition to these passports! My summer homework packets will be coming from my Speech Camp packets, Summer Articulation Bundle, and the June edition of A Dab of Speech and Language (which will be completed in a couple weeks). The June edition is going to have a camping theme, which may be my favorite theme ever!

I also designed some simple coloring-based activities! My students adore coloring and I also adore NO PREP! haha.. The articulation sheets cover /k, g, f, v, w, t, d, p, sh, ch, j, r, s, l/. Here are some examples:
NO PREP language activities covers a wide variety of skills such as prepositions, plurals, pronouns, and categories.
The last week of speech is also a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the school year! Students can discuss the goals they met and the goals they are still working on, their favorite moments in speech, and much more!
Lastly, I made some fun bookmarks that you can send home as a summer gift. They will definitely be handy tools for your little artic kids! I plan on getting some brightly colored card stock for these bad boys! You can cut these out using a paper cutter or have your students do the cutting!
I hope this packet can make your last weeks of speech a little easier! You can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE. 25 more days. 25 more days.

How many days do you have left?

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Articulation Giveaway!

April is jam-packed with lots of fun holidays and my favorite weather! As a gardener, I LOVE April showers and the smell of spring! April is going to be a busy month - I have so many crafts and cute activities planned! First, I wanted to share my three go-to articulation packets for the month of April. Most of my IEPs are due in April and May, so I already know these NO PREP packets will be a tremendous help.

First up are two color, cut, and glue packets! My students adore these sheets! While students wait for their turn to participate in repetitive drills, they color everything, then cut out their words to glue on or around the main themed picture. They leave speech with a cutesy craft-like product that is perfect for home practice.

Easter: NO PREP Articulation
This packet contains 163 pages! There are activities for your entire articulation caseload - early sounds, later sounds, /s/ blends, /r/ blends, and /l/ blends! Here's a peek inside:

Earth Day: NO PREP Articulation
This packet has the same premise as above. Students practice their words 10-20 times each! I'm pretty hard core and I like to put the repetitive in repetitive drills. haha.. These packets really are perfect, because students don't even have time to get bored with their drills. Here's a peek:

April Articulation Game Boards
These game boards are the latest craze in my speech room! They're also perfect for large therapy groups, as each student remains engaged while they wait for their turn. Students can decorate their game board and play the game in between turns! As a bonus, they get to take them home and can play & practice with family and friends.

It's been while since my last blog giveaway! Since the end of the school year is so crazy and we all need to save a little planning time, I'm giving someone a chance to win all THREE packets! Just enter the rafflecopter below, you can enter for FIVE chances to win! Please note, these files are very large and cannot be emailed. I will notify the winner by email and when he/she responds I will send three google doc links so that the winner can download them! It will be easy-peasy, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up!

Have a marvelous day! April.. let's do this!

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