Friday, July 31, 2015

What's In Your Cart? Linky! (Back to School Sale!)

Yay! It's time for Teachers Pay Teachers' annual Back to School sale! I start professional developmental on Monday, so this sale is perfect timing for me! I need to get ready for school ASAP. My wish list has been steadily growing and I'm excited to stock up for a new school year! I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for her fabulous linky - What's In Your Cart?
The Back to School sale will occur Monday (8/3) and Tuesday (8/4) and EVERYTHING in my store will be 28% off when you use the TPT code: BTS15.

Before I show you what's in my cart, I want you to see some must-have items from my store! I'm super excited to introduce two new series for this school year! First up, I have Apraxia on the Go! This growing bundle will be an absolute steal during the BTS sale. It is currently 50% off, because it only has the August and September packets. On the 20th of each month, you'll receive a brand new packet! It works just like a subscription! Each time a new packet is added, the price will go up... so the BTS sale is when this bundle will be at its absolute lowest price. With the additional BTS sale discount, it averages to just $2.16 a month for a new NO PREP apraxia packet!

Apraxia On the Go for the YEAR {A Growing Bundle}

Next up, I have Fluency In a Snap! I've been in desperate need of more stuttering materials for my students, so I decided to spend the summer making some! This is also a growing bundle that currently contains the August and September packets. So it's 50% off, plus the additional 28% off on Monday and Tuesday! New packets will be added on the 25th of each month! Even if you don't have many students who stutter, this bundle will be a great way to grow your fluency materials stash - as you will receive a new packet each month for only $1.20! Insane! Oh.. and the materials are NO PREP!

Fluency In a Snap for the YEAR {A Growing Bundle}

Spin-Go: Back to School Articulation

My students LOVED the Spin-And-Dab activities from my A Dab of Speech and Language packets, so this summer I invented a brand new spinner game - Spin-Go! I also recommend scooping up this gigantic packet, because it's NO PREP and engaging. My favorite combination. :)

Now, what am I buying? I'm so excited to stock up!

Articulation Grab-N-Grow: Bundle by A Perfect Blend
I adore Amanda of A Perfect Blend (formerly For His Glory). She makes amazing things!

Speech Sound Posters: Articulation Posters by Jenna Rayburn
I'm excited to get these ready for a brand new year!

If You Take a Mouse to School: Book Companion by The Speech Owl
This looks precious!

Spin, Say, and Graph by Primary Punch
I'm super excited about this product! So clever!

Make sure you browse through the What's In Your Cart Linky Party to see what everyone else is scooping up! I can't wait to get more ideas for therapy! Have a wonderful day and happy shopping!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

First Day Jitters Freebie

Back to school season is officially here! I have lots of fun planned for Wild About Books Wednesday! For the next five weeks, I'll be sharing some of my favorite books to use during the beginning of the year. If you're new to my blog, each Wednesday I will be blogging about how to use a specific book to enhance speech/language skills. It's a new school year and I'm excited to finally get this little blog series back on track!

Today, I'm talking about a classic! (aff. link) First Day Jitters by Julie Dannenberg! The first time I heard this book, my principal read it aloud during a professional development day. Ummm.. I really was shocked at the end. Gotta love a good twist! If you haven't read the book, it's the story of a girl who just doesn't want to go to her new school. She moans. She whines. She reluctantly gets ready. At the end, we find out this girl is *gasp* a teacher!
To re-start this little blog series, I had to create a fun freebie to help save all my teacher friends and SLPs a little time! I know the beginning of the school year is tough.. In fact, I'm already feeling a tad anxious and stressed out. I have some first day jitters!

This is a great book for all ages. There are many language skills you can target: inferencing, sequencing, and comprehension just to name a few! What I love most of all about this book is that it is 100% relatable. We know that text-to-self connections are so important for comprehension and everyone can relate to not wanting to get out of bed on the first day!

I designed a few activities to get those connections connecting! haha.. Students can draw a self-portrait of their first day of school. This is a great way to discuss how students feel, are they nervous like Sarah Jane? Excited?
I've also included a graphic organizer. I love graphic organizers, as they really support all students (but especially students who are struggling). 
In this freebie, you can also find a little writing prompt about morning routines. This is a another great activity to work on sequencing - how do you get ready for school? You can continue to foster text-to-self connections too! Students can talk about how their routine is similar to Sarah Jane's. 

I've also included a little venn diagram that students can use to compare/contrast themselves with Sarah Jane. Again, another activity to build connections! 

If you would like to have this freebie for your classroom, you can scoop it up in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE. Please leave me some love if you snag it! 

I also included an Amazon Affiliate link for the book for your convenience!

Have a wonderful Wild About Books Wednesday! Please make sure you're following my blog (you can subscribe on the lefthand side and you can also find me on bloglovin' - just click the link below) so that you never miss a Wednesday! 

I'd also love if you would consider linking up! If you're a blogger, feel free to link up with a post that contains your own book ideas! I've discovered so many new books/ideas through Wild About Books Wednesday! Just use the graphic below to link back to me:

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Apraxia On The Go

Hello! Wow, can you believe that it's almost time to go back to school?! Eeeek! I have professional development the first week of August and still need to get my room organized. You can imagine how fast my to-do list is growing. Luckily, I have managed to wrap up my Articulation Game Boards series this summer and I'm sooo close to finishing up my A Dab of Speech and Language series, so I thought it would be a great time to reveal my newest series - Apraxia On The Go
I received a few requests to make some materials for apraxia and I was more than happy to oblige! I'm in dire need of apraxia materials myself, so these Apraxia On The Go packets were the first thing I created this summer! I'm super excited about these materials. They're fun, engaging, interactive.. and if you're familiar with my materials then this is also no surprise - they're NO PREP! Okay, well.. you will need crayons, glue, scissors, paper clips, and paint! 

Each month, the packets will include six activities for eight different syllable patterns: CV, VC, CVC, CVCV, CVCVC, CVCVCV, CCVC, and CVCC. 

Here's a peek into the August packet! 
Each month, you will receive at least one brand new activity that is exclusive to that month. Many of the other activities will stay the same, but the theme will change to accommodate the new month. August's exclusive activities are dice drills! In fact, I fell in love with these pages so I'm currently knee deep in an entire packet of dice drills for articulation. I hope to have those finished before August. We will see!
Also, how cute are these foam dice? I snagged them in June from the Target dollar spot! My boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy when he saw that I bought them. haha.. Doesn't he know, if an SLP sees jumbo foam dice, she/he must buy them!
Each month, I also want to incorporate paint in some way! I want to add novelty to my therapy sessions, so I'm busting out watercolors and paint! FYI: You can easily substitute paint with crayons/markers/etc if you're not a fan of paint. Also, found some cute buckets to store my paintbrushes in! Gotta love that dollar spot, yo! 

I also created a game called Spin-Go! I'm always brainstorming new activities and love how this turned out! Students spin the spinner with a paperclip and pencil (another fun way I've added novelty to my speech room! I love paperclip spinners!). Then students practice and color the word that they land on and if they color five in a row, they get spin-go! I've also fallen in love with these activities too and hope to find a way to make them for all speech sounds too! 

The September packet contains a pirate theme! Love the little spinner girl with a pirate hat! :)

Of course, I love using crayons in therapy. My K-2 crowd just loves coloring. So, I also made some color, cut, and glue activities and color by word sheets! I adore color, cut, and glue activities and have made them for all seasons and occasions (you can find a MEGA bundle HERE if you want to stock up for a new school year!).... so I needed to add some apraxia ones to my collection! These packets will also include some apraxia game boards! Check them out below:

The September packet also contains a back to school theme AND a pirate theme! Talk like a pirate day is September 19th! I usually do a one to two week pirate theme around that time! 
In September, the new activity featured is practice puzzlers! My students are going to love those puzzles! I know many youngsters haven't quite mastered their fine motor skills by September, so they may need a little help cutting them out! haha... Or store them away until November/December. :) I've always done a TON of cutting in my speech room and I no longer fear the August/September cutting skills! I'm prepared to say "thumbs up!" quite a bit (to remind my students that it's so much easier to cut when their thumbs are facing up). In my next life, I may be an OT. haha

Since I am going to make these packets each month I decided to go ahead and offer a "growing bundle." It works just a like a subscription or club! On the 20th of each month, you will visit your purchases page on TPT and re-download the bundle to get your new packet!  Currently, the bundle only contains the August and September packets. The growing bundle is currently marked down 50% off and is a great opportunity to save BIG! The price of this bundle will increase gradually throughout the year as new packets are added. Check out the year long bundle HERE

These fun activities are also suitable for students with phonological disorders.. I always have a number of kindergarten students who are exhibiting final consonant deletion, initial consonant deletion, and cluster reduction! They will benefit greatly from most of these pages, especially the activities targeting CV, VC, CVC, CVCVC, CCVC, and CVCC! So, although I designed these packets with childhood apraxia of speech in mind I will certainly be double dipping into this packet for my phono kids too! 

I hope this new series is something that will add value to your therapy! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful day. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Smiley Shark

It's shark week! So, I invited a cute little shark over to the blog for Wild About Books Wednesday! I hope you don't mind. I promise he's harmless! :)
*This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link*
Seriously, skedaddle to the nearest library! Smiley Shark is a must-read book! It's perfect for shark week, an ocean theme, and I think it would also be a great story for the first week of school. It's the story of a sweet little shark with a great big smile! He's super friendly and approaches everyone to play, but all the ocean creatures always swim away. He's sad, because he doesn't have any friends and everyone judges him (because of his big teeth). Then one day, he saves all the fish from a great big net! It's a beautiful story of acceptance and friendship.

There are many ways to use this book to enhance language and literacy!
1) Inferencing - When an animal swims away from Smiley Shark in a hurry, the book doesn't explicitly say why. This is a great opportunity to practice inferencing. Why are they swimming away from him? Why do they appear scared?
2) Figurative Language - Definitely add this to your list of books to help teach onomatopoeia!
3) Articulation - This is a great book to accompany lessons that are targeting /sh/
4) Character Traits - Smiley shark is friendly, brave, kind, heroic.. He's a great character to talk about and to discuss his traits! I whipped up a little character trait map that you can use in your classroom/speech room!
If you would like this little sheet, just click HERE.

I hope you're having a great shark week! If you're a blogger, please consider linking up with your own ideas! Just use the picture below to link back to this post. Thank you!

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