Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Smiley Shark

It's shark week! So, I invited a cute little shark over to the blog for Wild About Books Wednesday! I hope you don't mind. I promise he's harmless! :)
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Seriously, skedaddle to the nearest library! Smiley Shark is a must-read book! It's perfect for shark week, an ocean theme, and I think it would also be a great story for the first week of school. It's the story of a sweet little shark with a great big smile! He's super friendly and approaches everyone to play, but all the ocean creatures always swim away. He's sad, because he doesn't have any friends and everyone judges him (because of his big teeth). Then one day, he saves all the fish from a great big net! It's a beautiful story of acceptance and friendship.

There are many ways to use this book to enhance language and literacy!
1) Inferencing - When an animal swims away from Smiley Shark in a hurry, the book doesn't explicitly say why. This is a great opportunity to practice inferencing. Why are they swimming away from him? Why do they appear scared?
2) Figurative Language - Definitely add this to your list of books to help teach onomatopoeia!
3) Articulation - This is a great book to accompany lessons that are targeting /sh/
4) Character Traits - Smiley shark is friendly, brave, kind, heroic.. He's a great character to talk about and to discuss his traits! I whipped up a little character trait map that you can use in your classroom/speech room!
If you would like this little sheet, just click HERE.

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  1. I love shark books! I will have to go check this one out!