Friday, July 31, 2015

What's In Your Cart? Linky! (Back to School Sale!)

Yay! It's time for Teachers Pay Teachers' annual Back to School sale! I start professional developmental on Monday, so this sale is perfect timing for me! I need to get ready for school ASAP. My wish list has been steadily growing and I'm excited to stock up for a new school year! I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for her fabulous linky - What's In Your Cart?
The Back to School sale will occur Monday (8/3) and Tuesday (8/4) and EVERYTHING in my store will be 28% off when you use the TPT code: BTS15.

Before I show you what's in my cart, I want you to see some must-have items from my store! I'm super excited to introduce two new series for this school year! First up, I have Apraxia on the Go! This growing bundle will be an absolute steal during the BTS sale. It is currently 50% off, because it only has the August and September packets. On the 20th of each month, you'll receive a brand new packet! It works just like a subscription! Each time a new packet is added, the price will go up... so the BTS sale is when this bundle will be at its absolute lowest price. With the additional BTS sale discount, it averages to just $2.16 a month for a new NO PREP apraxia packet!

Apraxia On the Go for the YEAR {A Growing Bundle}

Next up, I have Fluency In a Snap! I've been in desperate need of more stuttering materials for my students, so I decided to spend the summer making some! This is also a growing bundle that currently contains the August and September packets. So it's 50% off, plus the additional 28% off on Monday and Tuesday! New packets will be added on the 25th of each month! Even if you don't have many students who stutter, this bundle will be a great way to grow your fluency materials stash - as you will receive a new packet each month for only $1.20! Insane! Oh.. and the materials are NO PREP!

Fluency In a Snap for the YEAR {A Growing Bundle}

Spin-Go: Back to School Articulation

My students LOVED the Spin-And-Dab activities from my A Dab of Speech and Language packets, so this summer I invented a brand new spinner game - Spin-Go! I also recommend scooping up this gigantic packet, because it's NO PREP and engaging. My favorite combination. :)

Now, what am I buying? I'm so excited to stock up!

Articulation Grab-N-Grow: Bundle by A Perfect Blend
I adore Amanda of A Perfect Blend (formerly For His Glory). She makes amazing things!

Speech Sound Posters: Articulation Posters by Jenna Rayburn
I'm excited to get these ready for a brand new year!

If You Take a Mouse to School: Book Companion by The Speech Owl
This looks precious!

Spin, Say, and Graph by Primary Punch
I'm super excited about this product! So clever!

Make sure you browse through the What's In Your Cart Linky Party to see what everyone else is scooping up! I can't wait to get more ideas for therapy! Have a wonderful day and happy shopping!

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  1. Thanks for linking up Scarlett! And for mentioning my posters!

  2. Thanks for all the great product suggestions!

  3. I love your colorful blog Scarlett!

  4. These bundles look amazing - Just what I need for this super busy school year!