Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Slice of Speech (Lesson Plans for August 31, 2015)

It's Sunday and that means another evening of lesson planning! My first full week back was absolutely exhausting! Seriously, I took a three hour nap yesterday and I'm still sleep deprived. haha

If you're new to my blog, each Sunday during the school year I share my visual lesson plans. You can download them and click the pictures to find the resources I'll be using! Many of my favorite teacher bloggers share their visual lesson plans each Sunday and I thought it was such a neat idea!
My students absolutely adored The Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books by Lucille Colandro last week! I was hoping to use one of my new book companions I bought during the BTS sale this coming week, but didn't have any time to prep this weekend! Oh well... there's always next week! Between napping and working on some new products, my weekend went by so fast! So, I'm definitely all about the NO PREP this coming week.
I'll be busting out the EET and bingo daubers this week! We will be using my "dab and describe" pages, dabbing pronouns, and using the compare/contrast sheets from September: A Dab of Speech and Language! September, already?! I'll be tackling receptive language with some of my favorite Super Duper products - WH Bingo and their Magnetalk Barrier game! We will be focusing on following directions and answering questions!

My speech kids will be "spinning" all week with Back to School Spin-Go! I bought a brand new case of colorful paperclips to prepare! (My speech room was totally out of paperclips due to the popularity of my "spin and dab" pages last school year. I always let my students take paperclips with them so they can use them at home. It's crazy how fast your paperclips disappear when you do that! haha). Just a little bit about these games. Basically, a student spins the spinner and practices the word that they land on and then colors the word. They repeat the process and once they color five in a row they get Spin-Go! Well, I liked the game so much and I knew how much my students loved spinner games last year so I made a Back to School version... and then a farm version.. and then a zoo version. haha I decided to just post a growing bundle, because when I find a resource I like I want it for all seasons/occasions. Kinda of like shoes.. why do I want them in every color? #hoarder If interested, just click the link to view a preview and get more details. It's currently 50% off.

If you would like to snag my visual lesson plans, just click HERE. I hope these lesson plans will be useful! I hope you have a marvelous week. Thanks for visiting!