Monday, September 21, 2015

Apple Articulation Giveaway!

Apple week is underway in my speech room! I thought this would be the perfect time to share my latest NO PREP creation - Apple Articulation!
This packet addresses early and later developing sounds in the initial and final position! It also includes pages for /s/ blends, /r/ blends, and /l/ blends (a page for each blend and a combo page)! This morning I printed all the pages I needed for the week in a blink of an eye! Gotta love fun activities that save precious time. This packet is already a big hit!

Here's a peek:
My students are also getting a kick out of the visual cues near the top of the page! There's a picture depicting tongue/lip placement for each speech sound! Today we used crayons, but the next time I bust out these sheets we will use bingo daubers! If you're interested in this packet, you can find it in my TPT store by clicking HERE. It's also available in a bundle with 9 other themes that you can find HERE. I love making repetitive drills fun for my students. :)
If interested in more NO PREP fall and apple themed articulation packets, you can check out my blog posts from last year. Just click HERE and HERE to preview my color, cut, and glue articulation packets.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Apple Themed Lesson Plans

Fall is in the air. I've already busted out my boots and I'm geared up for one of my favorite seasons in speech therapy! Leaves, apples, scarecrows, and Halloween, oh my! I just love this time of year. This week is going to be apple week in therapy! If you're new to my blog, I have a little series called "A Slice of Speech" where I share a little slice of my speech room in the form of visual lesson plans! Stop by each Sunday to get a "slice." :)
Last week we had so much fun with our pirate theme! You can read more about the resources I used for that here. One of my favorite books that meshes pirates and apples is If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff. I adore her If You Give a.. series! I read this book to my now first and second graders last year, so I'll be using this book with my kindergarteners only. My first and second graders will be using Queen's Speech's Autumn Apples packet. It includes a ton of activities - mini book companions, irregular plurals, describing, and more!
Expressively, we will continue our work with the EET and describe apples, applesauce, apple juice, and more! (*note to self - stop at Kroger before work!!) I love the graphic organizers included in the Autumn Apples packet! We will also be comparing different types of apples and apple foods. Receptively, we will practice following conditional directions (perfect for a If You Give a... book!), answering comprehension questions, and working on understanding spatial concepts using my If You Give a Dog a Donut Book Companion.

My articulation kids will be using my latest Apple Articulation packet! I'm super excited about these little activities! We'll use crayons, colored pencils, and bingo daubers to complete them! We will also throw together an easy-peasy apple craft! I have a bunch of die-cut apples, so we will glue our articulation words onto the apples! My fluency students will continue learning about stuttering and practicing light contacts with my September fluency packet.

I'll be giving some homework this week too. I'll send home some grammar pages, printables from the book companion, and some apple articulation sheets too!

If you would like to download these visual lesson plans just click HERE. You can find each resource by clicking the picture!

You can also take a peek at apple week from last year by clicking HERE. We had bushels of fun! haha
Do you have an apple week in your speech room? Which resources/books do you use? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

When the Leaf Blew In (Freebie!)

Wild About Books Wednesday is FINALLY back and just in time for one of my favorite seasons - fall! The beginning of the school year has been so hectic and I'm finally getting a spare moment to resurrect my little blog series. If you're new around here, each Wednesday I'll be sharing a book and discussing ways that you can use it to enhance speech and language! Literacy is one of my greatest passions in life and I love taking a literature-based approach to therapy. I have lots planned, so make sure you stop by each Wednesday!

Today, I'm discussing one of my favorite little fall books - (aff. link) When the Leaf Blew In by Steve Metzger. I also whipped up a little freebie for you!
This is such a fun story! A leaf blows into barn and it sets off a huge series of events! It causes the cow to sneeze, which causes a spider to fall on an owl, which causes the owl to swoop out of the barn, and so on. There are a million ways to utilize this little book. Here are a few ideas:

1) Cause & Effect - Every action in this book causes another action to occur! It is the PERFECT book for teaching cause & effect.
2) Verbs - This book is overflowing with action words! Examples from the book include sneezed, hopped, leaped, swooped, etc.
3) Past Tense - All of the verbs are in past tense, which makes this book the perfect learning tool! You can target irregular (blew, spun, etc) or regular past tense (sneezed, hopped, etc)
4) Farm Vocabulary - I love a good farm theme! This book contains a cow, pig, goat, duck, dragonfly, and so much more! A great way to expose children to animal vocabulary.
5) Story Retelling - The chain of events in this story makes it an ideal book for teaching sequencing! I created a little freebie for story retelling. It's a little book that students can assemble. On each page they will complete the sentence by drawing the event. For instance, "When the leaf blew in the cow..." then the student is to draw a picture of a cow sneezing. Here's a peek:
If you're interested in this little freebie you can scoop it up by clicking HERE.

Have your read this book? I'd love to share your ideas in the comments! Also, if you're a fellow blogger please feel free to link up with your own ideas! Just link back to me using the picture below:

*I included an Amazon Affiliate link. I would never recommend a book that I didn't love!*

This book can be hard to find, but I purchased mine from Scholastic's Teacher Store!

Have a wonderful Wild About Books Wednesday! I hope to see you next week too! :)

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Pirates Go to Speech!

Ahoy, me hearties! It's time to roll out the pirates! Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th and I always love to incorporate it into speech and language therapy. Themes really spice things up and pirate week is one of my favorite times of the school year! I decided to round up some fun resources that I'll be using next week and share them with you! I'm also linking up with Tracy at The Gold Country SLP for her "Talk Like a Pirate Linky Party" and Sweet Southern Speech for her "Pirate Day Linky!"
First up, I'll be reading one of my favorite pirate themed books, How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long. My students loved the activities from my book companion last year! It contains some fun card games and NO PREP resources too! You can find it in my TPT store HERE.

You can also read my blog about it HERE to get a bigger preview!

A fourth of my September: Articulation Game Boards packet features pirate themed games! I'll definitely be printing off these NO PREP goodies for all of my articulation groups next week! Other themes in this packet include apples, fall, and back to school! Here's a peek at a few of them:
Similarly, my September: Apraxia on the Go packet has some pirate fun too! If you follow me on Instagram you saw this picture already!
I also have a couple pirate themed activities in my September: A Dab of Speech and Language packet! Although it is mainly a school themed pack, it does contain a "dab" of pirates! :)
I also found some fantastic pirate freebies to use next week!

Panda Speech has some Pirate Themed Category Cards!
The Speech Peach has some NO PREP Pirate Speech Seeks! Super fun!

What are your favorite pirate books and resources?! Please leave a comment below and let me know! I'd love to add to my Pirate toolbox! Don't forget to check out The Gold Country SLP's linky and Sweet Southern's Speech's linky for more ideas!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Spin-Go Articulation!

Spinner games are all the rage in my speech room right now! It's amazing how much fun a kid can have with just a paperclip and a colored pencil!

I created a little game called "Spin-Go" for my therapy room! It's super fun and perfect for the preschool and primary crowd. A student spins the spinner and then practices the word that they land on. After they practice their word they get to color the matching picture and then they repeat! When they color five pictures in a row, they get spin-go! It's a great game to elicit tons of repetitive drills and it also keeps your students engaged as they wait to work one-on-one with you!

I love having a wide variety of NO PREP games and activities in my toolbox! Life as a school-based SLP is very hectic and I don't always have time to print, cut, and laminate every single activity. So of course, I had to have these games for all themes and occasions!

Currently, I have Back To School, Zoo, and Farm themes! I have many more themes planned so I went ahead and created a growing bundle. It's currently 50% off until more packets are added.

Spin-Go Articulation: A Growing Bundle
Here's a little peek into the various themes:

Spin-Go: Zoo Articulation
This packet contains a variety of zoo animals such as: lions, hippos, giraffes, zebras, pandas, monkeys, gorillas, and more! These games can be used year around or during a zoo/animal theme!
This is also a great way to introduce students to zoo vocabulary! They can practice their articulation and learn about the zoo at the same time. 

There's also a farm version!

This little packet contains pigs, dogs, sheep, horses, cows, and other farm creatures! Here's a peek:

I have many more of these packets planned and TONS of new words are coming to future packets. If you purchase the year long bundle the following packets are guaranteed: fall, winter, christmas, spring, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and summer! The upload limit on Teachers Pay Teachers is 200 MB and IF I have space left I'll try to include some bonus themes also! I'm crossing my fingers that one of my favorite clip artists creates some Halloween spinners soon! :)

Have you tried spinner games yet? My students love them, because they're novel and fun! Also.. I secretly felt like Macgyver when I first showed my students how to use a paperclip and pencil to spin these spinners! haha

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