Saturday, October 31, 2015

Spin-Go: Articulation Freebie!

Happy Saturday, friends! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I spent the afternoon making a little freebie to share with you! My students are loving my one of my latest creations - Spin-Go Articulation! The Back to School version was such a big hit, that I decided to turn it into an entire series. I love doing thematic units and wanted to add another NO PREP tool to my toolbox! You can read more about it by clicking HERE.

My latest freebie is a sample of the series!
You can scoop up this freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE. Each game features a teddy bear spinner! It's perfect to use at any time during the year! I work with K-2 and all of my students love using pencil and paperclip spinners! It adds some novelty to each session! Students simply spin the spinner and practice the word that they land on. After they practice the word, they color it, and then they spin again! Once they color five pictures in a row, they get spin-go!

Here's a peek into the freebie:
This freebie addresses 6 different speech sounds /k, f, p, th, sh/ and /sn/. I tried to give a sample of a variety of sounds! 

Here are some action shots! During the last week of September, we did a little week-long farm theme in my speech room. My language groups worked with When the Leaf Blew In and my articulation groups used Spin-Go: Farm Articulation!

These also make fun sheets to send home for home practice! Students are more likely do articulation drills at home when they have a fun activity to go with it!

If you enjoy this freebie make sure you check out my Spin-Go Articulation Bundle. It's 25% off and features 11 fun themes! I have more themes planned too! If they're made, they'll be added to the bundle for free!

Enjoy your freebie! I have to get ready for my trick-or-treaters! Have a wonderful Halloween and a fantastic weekend! I have a four day weekend and I'm super excited for the extra sleep! haha

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