Saturday, November 28, 2015

What's In Your Cart? Linky! (Cyber Smile Sale)

I'm super excited! It's time for another big sale on Teachers Pay Teachers! I can't wait to stock on new materials! I need to get my speech room ready for Christmas and the winter season! I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for her fun linky - What's In Your Cart? to talk about all the fun things I've had my eye on!
The Cyber Smile sale will occur Monday (11/30) and Tuesday (12/1). EVERYTHING in my store (including bundles!) will be 28% off when you use the TPT Code: Smile.

Before I reveal what's in my cart, I want to share some must-have items in my store! First up, I'm super excited about one of my newest NO PREP series - Spin-Go Articulation! The growing bundle will be a steal during the sale and currently contains four packets. I'll also be adding the Christmas packet sometime this weekend! It is currently more than 50% off, but will be an additional 28% off during the sale! That comes out to just $1.96 a packet. If you like using themes in your speech room, this will be another nifty tool to add to your articulation tool box!

Spin-Go Articulation for the YEAR {A Growing Bundle}

My students have been flipping out over one of my newest creations! These Articulation Flip Books contains a treasure trove of activities - articulation scenes, reading passages, and more! Just print and go! One book can be used for multiple therapy sessions!

Articulation Flip Books

Apraxia On the Go for the YEAR! {A Growing Bundle}
My NO PREP Apraxia series is in full swing! It's almost half-way complete, which means it's still being offered at an amazing discount! When you apply the TPT code, you'll receive this bundle for over 50% off! Gotta love Cyber Monday & Tuesday deals! :)

What's in my cart? Lots of goodies! Here's a little peek at a few of the items I'll be getting!

Interactive Speech and Language Stickers by Marisha McGrorty of Road to Speech
How cool is this idea? Marisha has a newer store with lots of fun items!

Zig Zags for Articulation Bundle by Activity Tailor
These look super fun! I can't wait to add them to my materials collection!

The Gruffalo: Book Companion by Twin Speech Language and Literacy
This is one of my favorite books ever! I need a companion for it. :)

What do you plan on scooping up? Make sure to browse the What's In Your Cart? linky party for more great ideas!

Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Dab of Christmas

Hello, Friends! I heard through the grapevine that there are 39 more days until Christmas!! Seriously, I'm one of those people that goes right into Christmas-mode as soon as the last trick or treater knocks on my door. I would be perfectly content with skipping Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas. haha!

In my Christmas excitement, I whipped up a quick gift for you! I made a little sample of my "A Dab of Speech and Language" series to share!
I debuted this series back in February/March. You can read my original post here!

When I first introduced these activities to my students, they absolutely fell in love! Many of them had never used bingo daubers before, so these activities added a sense of novelty and lots of fun to my therapy sessions! Of course, if you don't have access to bingo daubers I recommend using crayons or colored pencils!

This sample packet includes activities for /k, g/, /th/, pronouns, describing, and comparing/contrasting! Here's a little peek:
You can download this merry packet from my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE. If you snag this freebie, please leave me a little feedback love!

If you're curious about the entire series, each monthly packet includes articulation activities, fluency activities, language activities, and some open-ended sheets! They're pretty much a catch-all and will likely have something for each person on your caseload! I know these packets have been a lifesaver for me. I have a large caseload and it's not always possible for me to group students with similar goals and these sheets allow me to differentiate with ease! I love when my students can do the same activity, but work on a different goal.

I've been working on the year long bundle since February and it's almost complete! I'll be adding the December packet this week and then two more months to go! You can check out the year long bundle by clicking HERE.

I hope you enjoy your early Christmas gift! ;)


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