Saturday, February 13, 2016

Articulation Flip Books

I love articulation therapy and I'm always on a mission to make it more fun, interactive, and engaging! I really feel like I've accomplished all of those goals with my articulation flip books! They're a novel idea and my students love them! I knew I had to make more and I'm thrilled to announce that I now have versions for /s/ blends, /l/ blends, and /r/ blends! They were a long time in the making, but totally worth it. These are tools I'll use for the rest of my career!

If you've never seen my articulation flip books, here's a rundown!
These booklets are super easy to assemble! They can be either NO PREP (if you choose to have your students cut them out and staple them together) or LOW PREP (if you choose to assemble them yourself). They are super simple to make and are definitely worth the tiny amount of prep time if you choose to put them together for your students.

Each book has an "all about page" where students see a visual cue on what to do with their mouth and a written explanation about how to produce the sound. I made my explanations as simple as possible! If you choose to send these home for homework, parents will LOVE the "all about page"!
The second page is entitled "Find It" and it's basically a sound loaded scene! Students find and practice the words that contain their sounds! After they find words with their sounds they can color them.
The "Let's Read" page contains a sound loaded story! Students can practice producing their sounds at the reading level. For your non-readers, they can echo read (you read a sentence and then they repeat the sentence) for practice! You can also read the story to provide auditory bombardment and modeling!
The last page for the early and later developing sounds flip books is called "Sort & Say" and students have to cut out the provided words and sort them according to the initial, medial, or final position. In the consonant blends booklet, the last activity is called "Sentence Fun" and students practice their words at the sentence and word level. After they practice, they glue the correct word under each sentence.
These flip books are a game changer! Prepare them once and you can use them for multiple therapy sessions AND then send them home for additional practice! You can also send them home and have students complete the activities for homework. These are also great to use with large groups, as students will be actively engaged while they wait for their turn to practice one-on-one with you. They're also perfect for centers if you structure your therapy in that way!

If you like these flip books you may be interested in the bundle! It's 25% off the price of all four packets.
Here's a peek at all of the packets!

Articulation Flip Books (Early and Later Sounds)
S Blends Flip Books
R Blends Flip Books
L Blends Flip Books

I hope you're just as excited as I am about these flip books! Your students and families will be "flipping out" over these puppies!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful day!

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