Sunday, February 28, 2016

Easter Apraxia

I've been having so much fun creating themed printables for articulation and I decided to make some for apraxia too! Over the past few weeks, I've been slowly creating the first installment of my Apraxia Printables series! I've also been planning out all the fun clip art that I'll be using in future packets!
Easter Apraxia is full of fun! It contains 56 pages that address the following syllable patterns: VC, CV, CVC, CVCV, CVCVC, CVCVCV, CCVC, and CVCC. This packet is designed to be used for children with childhood apraxia of speech or with children with phonological disorders.

I love these simple printables, because they are so versatile! Students can color/decorate them with crayons/pencils/markers while they wait for their turn to engage in one-on-one therapy, they can dab them with bingo daubers, cover them with bingo chips (or erasers!), or use them as play-doh smash mats!
I work with K-2 and my students love coloring! We mainly use crayons or colored pencils, but sometimes we bust out the markers when we are feeling spontaneous! Another way to add novelty to these sheets is to use watercolors! Students will love decorating these sheets in a new way! I recently stocked up on watercolor brushes and paints! I'm excited to give these a whirl!
Another great way to use these sheets are with dollar spot erasers! I don't know about you, but I hoard those things! haha.. I have erasers for nearly every season/holiday! They're a cheap way to add more novelty to therapy. After students practice a word, they can cover the word with an eraser or bingo chip! If they cover the sheet too quickly, students can first color the sheet with crayons. After the page has been decorated, they can cover the words so that it feels like a game!
I have 9 more of these packets planned, so I made a growing bundle! The bundle currently only contains the Easter themed packet, but new packets will be released almost monthly. It's currently 50% off since it currently only contains one packet. The price will go up as new packets are added! If you're interested in these printables, check out the bundle!

Apraxia Printables for the YEAR

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