Tuesday, June 7, 2016

July: Apraxia On the Go!

It's finally summer break around these parts! Man oh man... what a busy school year. I'm excited to finally get some free time to start blogging again! I have so many ideas to share with you! Before I dive in, I'm going to get my feet wet by sharing my latest resource with you!

I've had so much fun creating my Apraxia On the Go series this school year and I'm excited that I have an entire bank of materials to choose from for the rest of my career!

Since, it's summer.. I thought I would share a peek into the July edition!
This packet contains tons of no prep games and materials! It features an ocean theme! Bring on the beach, sailboats, and animals!

Roll into summer! This fun game features nautical themed dice. Students roll a die to determine which column they'll be using. They then select a word from that column to practice and color! The first activity in each packet differs from month to month!
Game Boards Galore! Students can flip a coin (tails - 1 move, heads - 2 moves) or roll a die to determine how many spaces to move! I recommend dice that only go up to three moves (the kind that comes with many super duper games!) All of the game boards have a nautical theme! Gotta love whales and sails!
Color, cut, and glue! I just love these activities. I made them for my articulation students and had to have some for my students with apraxia! They're a great way to also work on fine motor skills.

Color by Word! Students color the ocean themed picture using the code provided! It's a fun way to engage students while they wait for their turn!
Spin-Go Games! I just love these so much that I also made them for articulation! Students spin the spinner using a paper clip and a pencil then they practice the word that they land on. After they practice the word they color it in.. after they color five in a row they get spin-go!
Paint and Go! One of the easiest ways to spice up your therapy sessions is by simply using a new art supply (bingo dauber, markers, etc). Paint and Go is designed to be used with watercolors! Dive in and have fun! These pages can be used year around!

I hope you have a fun summer! Thank you for visiting my blog! Be sure to check in often, as I have a lot planned this summer!

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