Monday, July 11, 2016

August Interactive Articulation Notebook!

My summer break is flying by! Eeeek! I only have a few weeks left until my professional development begins and as hard as I'm fighting it.. my brain is starting to switch into back to school mode. I've been thinking about classroom decor (but not scheduling yet.. haha.. only the fun stuff!) and interactive articulation notebooks! I'm super excited to embark on a new journey with my students. I've been contemplating using notebooks for a couple years now and I decided to take the plunge! If you have been following my blog for any length of time, then you know how much my students already color, cut, and glue (here's an example post)! I just adore those types of activities and an interactive notebook will just take what my students are already doing to another level!

I debuted my latest bundle yesterday - Interactive Articulation Notebooks for the YEAR! I've had quite a few requests for more examples and I decided to whip up this little blog post to share August's Articulation Notebook with you!
If you snap up the bundle, each month you will receive four different activities for the following sounds: k, g, f, v, p, t, m, n, s, r, l, th, sh, ch, s blends, r blends, and l blends. Since this packet was growing out of control (100+ pages!), I decided to only include the sounds I work on the most. In the future, I do hope to create add on packs for the missing sounds (z, j, b, etc) that can be purchased separately.

Let's go through the four different types of activities that can be found in August's edition!

Flip-flap books for sorting sounds into initial, medial, and final positions and sorting blends! 
Students lift each flap and then glue the words that belong underneath the flaps! 
This activity provides you with 15 different articulation targets (5 in each position)! In addition, each flap is decorated with pictures of 4-5 additional words! So really, students are getting exposed to around 20 words during this activity! 

Throughout the year, I'm going to strive to expose students to TONS of different words that contain their sounds. There will be some repeated words though, but I'll always make sure there's a nice mix each month! 

Flap-Up books! Students glue words around their flap-up book and then lift the flap to write sentences that contain their words!
If your students are not yet writing, they can just draw pictures instead! Students can also write phrases!
Each sound will have it's own unique book! For instance, /k/ has a baking theme and /v/ has a veterinarian theme! 

Interactive pencil pouches!
These pencil pouches are just darling! I think they're my favorite activity found in August's packet! Students decorate their pencil pouch and pencils. Then they stick their pencils (that feature their words) into the pouch! Whenever they want to practice their words, they can just open up their notebook and take out their pencils!
Each pouch is customized! I think students will love having activities that are made just for them and their sounds! :)

Color, cut, and glue activities!
I already have probably 5,000 (literally) color, cut, and glue activities... but hey, you can never have enough! haha.. I never thought about putting them into a notebook until now! If you're also addicted to these types of activities, you can snag 2,000+ in my articulation mega bundle. It's 50% off every day. Students can cut them out and glue them into their notebooks! I also have plans to update that bundle some day to include even more word choices! But anyways.. back to the notebooks! :)

Okay, so I also received some great questions so far and I thought I would answer them here! I put some of them into my own words!

Will each month contain the same words over and over?
Yes and no! Each month there will be different combinations of words! However, within each month's packet there is a huge variety (all four activities will have different words, that's 40+ words!). It truly will be impossible to come up with 40+ words for each sound every month. I can't even think of 480 initial /g/ words! haha.. Also, there are some sounds I don't have a whole lot of clip art (ex. /th/) for and I'll have no choice but to repeat those words. Overall, I truly believe you will be pleased with the variety of words you will receive over the course of the next year.

Will each month contain the same types of activities just with different themes?
Sorry, but again... yes and no! Each month you will receive at least one totally unique activity that your students have never done before (and most likely, you'll receive two totally unique activities). You will also receive the same types of activities in different themes. I think this will be great, as students will gain more and more experience with flap-up books, interactive pouches, flip-flap books, etc). Truly, there are going to be sooo many different types of activities (puzzles, spinners, accordions, file folders, etc) your students will never get bored!

Will the cutting take away from therapy time?
Nope! When students are working one-on-one with you, make them put down their school supplies to engage in repetitive drills. When their turn is over.. these activities are perfect to keep them active while they wait for their turn again! This is one reason why I love color, cut, and glue activities.. I personally don't like it when students just wait around for their turn. I like them to be engaged with an activity. Also... you will have to take a few seconds to show students where to fold and glue, but I feel that's the same as taking time to show students how to play a new game/make a craft/complete a new worksheet/activity.

Is this a lot of prep?
Nope! You can literally make a sample in a minute! Just skip the coloring (the most time consuming part). Don't do any cutting for your students.. They do all the work! Once students learn how to complete these activities, you won't even have to create a sample.... and then it's NO PREP! :)

If you have any questions, please leave them below or in the Q&A section of my store, Speech Is Sweet.

If you're interested, the year long bundle is 25% off! You can check it out HERE! It's also part of a SUPER MEGA bundle (along with the language notebooks bundle) that you can find HERE!

I've also recently added a Volume Two! It includes the add-on packs for /z, j, b, d, w/ and vocalic /r/.
I'm really excited about these notebooks! I just know my students are going to LOVE them! :)

P.S. I'm going to store these in an Ikea cart! I'll definitely share lots of pictures when it's all set up! Be sure to follow me on Instagram! :)

Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting my blog!


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