Monday, July 17, 2017

School Themed Articulation Notebooks!

Last school year, I began implementing Interactive Notebooks for speech and language! They were an absolute hit and a game changer! My students took such great pride in their notebooks and often requested to work in them! Since a new school year is quickly approaching (Eeeek!), I decided to start creating even more interactive notebook activities! Almost all of the activities found in my first collection of interactive articulation notebooks are designed to be used year around! I wanted to create some notebook activities that can be used with some of my favorite themes! So, I'm excited to introduce my newest growing bundle - Thematic Interactive Articulation Notebooks!

I decided to whip up a little blog post to share the first theme - school!
Teachers Pay Teachers increased their upload limit a few months ago, so I'll be able to squeeze in all the sounds into these packets! You'll get four activities for every sound (/k, g, f, v, p, b, t, d, s, z, r, l, th, sh, ch, j, w, h/ and r-blends, s-blends, and l-blends!).

Let's explore the four activities found in the school themed notebook!

Speech School Flap Up Book!

In this activity, students lift the flaps and read the sentences! Each page of the flap activity has two words that feature the target sound in the initial position and a corresponding sentence. For instance, "I see gum and a gorilla!" If students are not at the sentence level, then they can just practice the words they see! I always include pictures with the words for non-readers! Students will remained super engaged by coloring their school, the pictures on the flaps, cutting, and gluing!

Crayon Box Pouch!
I love interactive pouches! This one is a crayon box with 10 crayons! Students can take the crayons out at any time to practice and then simply store them in the pouch when they're finished! There are four crayons in the initial position, four crayons in the final position, and two crayons in the medial position!

Crayon Flip-Book Sort!
I love having students sort words! It's a great way to not only practice their speech sounds in various positions, but it also helps build phonemic awareness. In this activity, students glue words that feature the sound in the initial position under the initial flap and the words that feature the sound in the final position under the final flap.

Clipboard Flap-Ups! 
I think these are super cute! Students lift up the clip board and write a sentence or phrase containing the featured word! If you are working with preschoolers or other non-writers, you can simply have students draw a happy face under the clipboards after the practice the word!

I have 9 more themes planned out (pirates, farm, space, and more!) and I'm so excited about them! If you're interested, the growing bundle is currently at a special "buy-in" price of 75% off. You save $90! This deal ends on July 25th, 2017! If interested, just click HERE.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful day!

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