Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Mitten (Plus Freebies!)

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It's the first Wild About Books Wednesday of the year! I'm super excited to start sharing my book ideas again! If you're new to my blog, each Wednesday I highlight a different book and discuss ways that it can be utilized in speech/language therapy. I also invite my fellow bloggers to link up and share their own ideas! Books are my favorite therapy tools and today I'm talking about one of my favorite wintry books - The Mitten!
The Mitten is a Ukrainian folktale. I've read a couple different versions, but I love Jan Brett's picture book! The Mitten is the perfect book, especially if you work with a with a variety of age ranges. It's wonderful to use in preschool and beyond! It's a story of a young boy named Nicki who wants his BaBa to knit him some white mittens. Baba warns Nicki that they could easily get lost in snow, but he insists. Of course, BaBas know best and don't you know.. he loses one of his mittens in the snow! haha.. A variety of woodland creatures stumble upon the cozy mitten and try to make it their home.

This book can be used to target a wide array of goals, including:
-Cause/Effect.. What caused the bear to sneeze? What was the effect? You can also discuss the cause/effect of having a white mitten!
-Predictions - BaBa's warning is a wonderful discussion topic! Make predictions about whether or not Nicki will lose his mitten.
Why questions - Why would the mitten be hard to find? Why do the animals want inside the mitten? There are endless why questions that can be posed!
-Sequencing - This is the perfect book for sequencing! I whipped up a print n' go story map that can aid students in retelling!

-Comprehension - I also whipped up another free printable that addresses a few comprehension questions! I'm calling it "A Dab of Comprehension!" Students can use a bingo dauber/marker/crayon/etc to color in the circle after they answer the question. I thought this would be a novel way to answer a few questions! *puts daubers on shopping list*

If you're interested in these free Mitten printables, you can download them HERE. Do you use The Mitten in therapy or your classroom? What sorts of activities do you pair with this awesome book?

If you would like to link up and share your ideas, please use the picture below! I love reading about new books! Have a Wild Wednesday!

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  1. Love The Mitten and totally needed some activities to use with it! Thanks, as always, for your wonderful creations! You are so talented and generous!!

  2. LOVE the mitten! The kids always get such a big kick out of the sneeze! In the past, I've had the kids put pictures of the animals in a mitten as they appear in the story. Then, we pull them out and toss them out of the mitten at the right moment. Thanks for the freebies! :)

  3. Love the Mitten and your suggestions. Next up? The Hat!